How much is a Tesla? Your guide to Tesla prices

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You’ve work astir all the improvements to look some wrong and retired each existent Tesla exemplary arsenic good arsenic the caller versions to travel successful the future, and possibly you’re much than a small spot tempted. Next, world sets in, and that property aged question rears its head: “how much?” No request to click done respective variations of each exemplary connected Tesla’s website, it’s each been compiled for you here.

How overmuch is simply a Tesla?

The accusation beneath offers the lowest and highest terms mentation of each trim of each 2022 Tesla exemplary to springiness you the afloat spectrum of however little… oregon however much… you’ll person to spend.

Note that these prices are close arsenic of people date, but we’ll support them updated. Bear with america arsenic Tesla seems to alteration its prices often. Furthermore, each prices listed bash not see the further $1,200 destination and doc fees, oregon federal oregon authorities taxation credits.

Tesla Model 3 – The cheapest Tesla available

Despite its relation arsenic the astir affordable Tesla, the Model 3 has seen immoderate ample terms hikes successful 2022. Its Standard Range RWD trim starts astatine a acquisition terms of $48,490 with zero upgrades, and tin spell arsenic precocious arsenic $63,490. The second terms includes each apical diagnostic disposable specified arsenic reddish paint, 19″ athletics wheels, and the ever-controversial full-self driving capability for $12,000.

The Long Range Model 3 starts astatine $57,490 and tin scope a apical extremity terms of $72,490 afloat loaded.

Lastly, the Performance mentation of the Model 3 starts astatine $62,990 and tin spell adjacent higher to $77,990 with 20″ Überturbine wheels and each different added features. No substance which trim you choose, you besides present person to pay for your mobile oregon partition charging connector.

Prices connected the Model 3 proceed to fluctuate each mates weeks, but you tin prevention immoderate currency by getting yourself a pre-owned Model 3.

how overmuch  is simply a TeslaTesla Model Y price

As a overmuch larger EV, Tesla’s Model Y presently comes successful 2 antithetic options, some of which are priced higher than the Model 3. For the prices below, you’ll spot the bare bones enactment arsenic good arsenic the wholly loaded enactment with add-ons similar reddish paint, 20″ wheels, achromatic interior, a tow hitch, and the $12k FSD capabilities – though choosing not to adhd FSD could impact your transportation date.

An important add-on to constituent retired successful each of these precocious extremity prices is the 7 spot interior for the Model Y. For an other $3,000, customers are capable to prime the 3rd enactment enactment arsenic they bid their caller EV.

Note: This enactment is presently lone disposable connected the Long Range trim.

The Model Y’s dual-motor AWD Long Range trim starts astatine a basal terms of $62,990 and tin leap to $83,990 with each the fixins’. This higher terms includes each the disposable features mentioned above.

The Model Y Performance drivetrain starts astatine $67,990 and increases to $83,990 erstwhile souped up (without the 7 seats).

Recently, we covered quality that Tesla is preparing to motorboat a caller AWD of the Model Y with a puzzling 279 miles of range. However, we bash not person immoderate pricing connected that mentation yet.

how overmuch  is simply a TeslaA Model Y assembled astatine Giga Texas / Source: TeslaTesla Model S price

Here’s wherever things truly commencement to summation quickly. Where the newer Teslas similar the Model 3 and Model Y harvester show with value, the Model S alternatively dominates successful astir each category, but astatine a overmuch higher terms point.

For example, the Dual Motor Model S (the EV’s slightest costly trim) begins astatine a terms of $104,490 and tin presently spell arsenic precocious arsenic $120,990 including add-ons similar 21″ Arachnid wheels and pick interior.

Hold onto thing due to the fact that it’s “Plaid” time. You whitethorn person already work astir however impressive the Plaid Model S is, but the lone happening larger than its database of apical specs is its terms tag.

The Tri Motor Model S Plaid starts retired astatine a chill $140,490 with zero upgrades, not adjacent an exterior color. All in, you’re looking astatine acquisition terms of $156,990.

how overmuch  is simply a teslaTesla Model X price

Pound for pound, Tesla’s refreshed Model X SUV is the automaker’s largest and astir costly EV, with AWD dual and tri centrifugal drivetrains to take from.

The Model X Dual Motor volition outgo you $120,490 astatine the bare minimum. It past vaults up to $143,490 with added bonuses similar 22″ Turbine wheels, pick interior, and a $6,500 up-charge for a six spot interior that includes captain’s chairs. If you similar the seven-seat row, that volition outgo $3,000 less.

As for the caller Plaid mentation of the Model X successful lieu if the erstwhile Performance trim, that starts astatine $144,490 and levels retired astatine $160,990. The apical extremity prices includes each the astir costly features.

Like the Model S, The Model X besides saw an summation of $10k aft the Plaid+ disappeared, and it has jumped different $5k since then. New customers for the Model X Plaid are not scheduled to person their EV until fall, and Dual centrifugal reservations holders who bid contiguous are looking astatine a transportation model betwixt December 2022 and March 2023. Might beryllium worthy considering a pre-owned Model X if you’re genuinely thirsting for one,

This is much grounds that the request for Tesla EVs is inactive growing, nary substance however overmuch they cost. The automaker remains the ascendant sanction successful the EV market.

how overmuch  is simply a TeslaPricing for theTesla Cybertruck

Since the Cybertruck has not rolled disconnected the assembly enactment yet, the pricing is not arsenic granular. Nevertheless, the nationalist was concisely offered an thought of the starting terms for each of the 3 drivetrains.

how overmuch  is simply a TeslaA Cybertruck accumulation prototype

Originally, the single-motor RWD Cybertruck was listed connected Tesla’s website astatine a starting terms of $49,900. The dual-motor AWD enactment was $59,900, and the tri-motor AWD was acceptable astatine $79,900.

However, production has been delayed yet again, and though we’ve spotted immoderate prototypes retired driving around, we nary longer person a grasp connected what this EV behemoth volition outgo erstwhile it yet arrives. Since past October, the pricing and specs of the Cybertruck are no longer listed connected Tesla’s website.

The involvement is inactive determination however, since the past tally of reservations totaled implicit $80 billion (with a b) successful value.

2nd Generation Tesla Roadster

The adjacent iteration of the Roadster was unveiled by Tesla successful 2017 arsenic an updated homage to the EV that started it all. Originally scheduled to statesman accumulation successful 2020, Tesla has continuously punted the SOP of the caller Roadster to absorption connected its different EVs.

While we cognize precise small astir what the Cybertruck volition genuinely beryllium susceptible of, we cognize adjacent little astir the 2nd procreation Roadster.

Per Tesla’s website, the caller Roadster is inactive disposable for pre-order, and it lone costs $200,000. Don’t interest though, you lone person to wage a fraction of that to clasp your spot successful line… conscionable $50,000.

If that’s not enough, Tesla is offering what it calls its “Founder’s Series Roadster” which appears to beryllium a constricted accumulation tally costing $250,000. This mentation required the afloat magnitude down wrong 10 days of making the reservation, and has since sold out.

how overmuch  is simply a TeslaTesla’s caller Roadster / Source: TeslaWhat is the ‘price aft imaginable savings’?

You whitethorn person noticed that the bid leafage of immoderate of Tesla’s existent models lists some the “purchase price” arsenic good arsenic the “(price) aft imaginable savings.” This pricing is referring to is the archetypal acquisition terms minus the imaginable savings of driving an electrical vehicle.

Tesla has compiled its ain database of resources by state to assistance its customers cipher their imaginable savings earlier they adjacent perpetrate to buy. Additionally, you tin pat oregon click the “customize” nexus connected immoderate Tesla exemplary acquisition page.

This multi-faceted instrumentality helps estimation what a imaginable proprietor would walk connected state implicit a six twelvemonth period, past subtracts it from the total. This gives prospective Tesla customers a spot of texture arsenic to what benignant of bucks they whitethorn beryllium redeeming successful the aboriginal by cutting the gasoline cable.

Any authorities without listed taxation incentives whitethorn inactive connection benefits. You volition conscionable request to cheque the database connected Tesla’s dedicated incentives page, showcasing national and authorities benefits with greater detail.

It’s besides important to enactment that each incentives mostly use to purchases by currency oregon indebtedness only. Incentives for customers leasing a Tesla are presently lone disposable successful California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York and Tennessee.

Is it amended to lease oregon buy?

You’ve done the research, customized your imagination Tesla model, and person ballpark pricing aft calculating state savings and taxation incentives successful your state. Nice work.

Before you propulsion the trigger though, you mightiness privation to inquire yourself if buying your Tesla oregon leasing it volition beryllium the amended option. The reply varies by lawsuit based disconnected a multitude of antithetic factors of which we compiled for you previously.


Picking up a Tesla isn’t going to beryllium inexpensive nary substance however you portion it, but there’s decidedly a wide scope of options disposable to you.

From the bottom-end Model 3 astatine astir $49k to the top-end Model X Plaid reaching $161k astatine its most, there’s thing successful this lineup for astir immoderate prospective Tesla customer.

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