How Game of Thrones Star Rose Leslie Coped with Husband Kit Harington's Addiction Struggles

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When Game of Thrones star Kit Harington underwent rehab, it was a sobering acquisition for his woman and co-star Rose Leslie arsenic well.

Kit (Jon Snow) and Rose (Ygritte) played lovers on the show and off-screen and have been joined since 2018. But Rose says she yet learned she couldn't prevention her spouse from his struggles. The histrion made the uncommon comments successful a screen interrogation for Harper's Bazaar UK's June 2022 contented (on merchantability from May 4).

"I've learnt a batch astir addiction and it's thing Kit is everlastingly going to beryllium alert of, but it's connected him whether helium chooses to portion again," said the actress, who stars successful the HBO Max bid The Time Traveler's Wife. "No magnitude of nannying is going to beryllium capable to halt him from doing what helium decides to do... I don't take to enactment that unit connected myself. The work of his behaviour is connected him. It's not connected maine to defender him from it."

In precocious May 2019, after the finale of Game of Thrones, Harington's rep told E! News the histrion had "decided to utilize this interruption successful his docket arsenic an accidental to walk immoderate clip astatine a wellness retreat to enactment connected immoderate idiosyncratic issues."

Last August, Harington said helium had been sober for 2.5 years pursuing a stint successful rehab. The Eternals histrion told The Sunday Times that helium had sought assistance for "mainly alcohol" astatine a Connecticut retreat.

Harper?s Bazaar UK/Alexi Lubomirski

He added that "things that person happened to maine since Thrones ended, and that were happening during Thrones, were of a beauteous traumatic quality and they did see alcohol."

"You tin ideate the stresses that it causes to those astir you," Harington continued. "I volition accidental astir my addictions that I kept them very, precise quiescent and I was incredibly secretive and incredibly locked up with them. So they came arsenic rather a astonishment to the radical astir me."

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The histrion told The Sunday Times that now, beingness is "wonderful," saying, I person a kid and my narration is brilliant" and "I'm a very, precise happy, content, sober man."

Harper?s Bazaar UK/Alexi Lubomirski

In aboriginal 2021, Harington and Leslie welcomed their archetypal child, a babe boy, whose sanction they person not disclosed publicly. In her interrogation with Harper's Bazaar UK, the histrion elaborate however her hubby stepped up his dada duties arsenic she filmed The Time Traveler's Wife, debuting connected HBO Max May 15.

"He wore the Baby Björn [carrier] large and proud," she said. "And determination were galore satisfying moments; we had an knowing that, erstwhile our lad cried successful the mediate of the night, it was connected Kit to spell and look aft him, arsenic I would person to aftermath up aboriginal to work — it was benignant of glorious."

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