How Benji Madden Honored Cameron Diaz on Their 8th Wedding Anniversary

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Benji Madden penned a enactment to woman Cameron Diaz successful grant of their eighth wedding anniversary. Read his connection connected their beingness “side by side.”

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This motion is the sweetest thing.

Benji Madden rang successful his eighth wedding day with woman Cameron Diaz by penning a connection that not lone paid homage to their relationship, but besides to their daughter Raddix, 3.

"In Love, Inspired, Happy and Grateful. 8 years married, broadside by side, and present a small 1 for america to guide," Benji wrote on Instagram Jan. 6. "Let's bash 80 much and past everlastingly blessed day 1•5• @camerondiaz."

The Good Charlotte guitarist paired the thoughtful enactment with an representation of an creation portion that features 2 roses, a angiosperm vase and his initials.

Years earlier celebrating their matrimony with an representation of florals, Cameron and Benji's romance would travel into bloom with the assistance of Benji's duplicate brother Joel Madden and his wife Nicole Richie (who is Cameron's bully friend.)

Cameron and Benji weren't acceptable up by Nicole and Joel, but they recovered themselves successful the aforesaid country acknowledgment to the couple. At the time, laying eyes connected Benji stopped Cameron successful her tracks.

"I was like, ‘How travel I didn't spot him before?'" Cameron recalled successful a 2021 occurrence of the Anna Faris Is Unqualified podcast. "I saw him walking towards maine and I was like, ‘He's hot, I haven't seen him before.'"

And aft seeing Benji for who helium is and not conscionable however helium looks, Cameron saw her future.

"That's what made maine truly beryllium like, 'Ohhh, you,'" she continued. "'You, you're special. You're the guy. You're the hidden gem successful my life.'"

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Years later, and Cameron seems to consciousness nary little astir her partner.

"He's conscionable a feline I tin number on," she said during the March 8 occurrence of Michelle Visage's Rule Breakers podcast. "He's hilarious and he's truthful funny. And he's the champion dada ever. I could cry, he's conscionable the best."

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