HK-Based Hardware Wallet Maker OneKey Raises $20m in Series A Funding

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A Hong Kong-based crypto hardware wallet shaper has raised astir $20 cardinal successful a Series A backing round.

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OneKey announced connected Twitter that the backing circular was led by Dragonfly and Ribbit Capital. Other participants included Coinbase Ventures, Framework Ventures, Sky9 Capital, Folius Ventures and Ethereal Ventures. While angel investors, including Santiago Santos and Feng Liu, besides backed the round.

"We are thrilled to denote that OneKey has closed a Series A circular of astir $20 cardinal led by @dragonfly_xyz and @RibbitCapital, and followed by @hiFramework, @Sky9Capital, @FoliusVentures, @etherealvc, @coinbase, @santiagoroel, and @fishkiller," Yishi Wang, a halfway contributor astatine OneKey, tweeted.

Along with Series A funding, OneKey besides closed a circular of "small funding" with different participants from IOSG Ventures, according to a tweet from Wang.

"One much thing, we are ace excited to denote that aft bid A, we person besides closed a caller circular of tiny backing with information from @IOSGVC for an unspecified amount," helium tweeted.

OneKey claims that its codification is unfastened source. According to the crypto hardware wallet firm, if a crypto wallet does not run successful an unfastened root way, it could fell a backdoor that could compromise the information of lawsuit assets.

"OneKey is, to date, the lone hardware wallet successful the satellite that is 100% unfastened root and uses a certified unafraid chip," said different tweet from Wang today.

The institution believes that it is the fig 1 hardware wallet successful the Eastern Hemisphere since its instauration successful 2020. According to Wang, OneKey has overtaken custody of billions of dollars successful crypto assets. He besides believes that the steadfast continues to turn rapidly without "incomplete 3rd-party statistics."

Wang has besides revealed - citing information from the firm's shipped orders - that rival wallet shaper Ledger and crypto firms Alchemy and Infura are utilizing OneKey's devices.

Currently, determination are astir 30 radical moving for OneKey and the wallet shaper has nary plans to summation that number. "OneKey is precise conscious of controlling the pain complaint and prioritizing semipermanent profitability," Wang said. He besides added that the steadfast presently does not person immoderate plans for a autochthonal token.

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