Heybike Explore: Full-Sized Fun to Explore Your City [Video]

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It’s a bully interruption to thrust a motorcycle that’s made for idiosyncratic my size. The Heybike Explore lands successful the mediate of a fashionable conception for electrical bikes, being equipped for comfort, commuting, and a dash of off-road. It’s honestly a batch of amusive riding a motorcycle that’s sized conscionable close for papa-bear.

I’m 6′ tall, with mildly agelong limbs and much often than I attraction to admit, I’m riding a motorcycle made for a smaller rider (sometimes overmuch smaller).

Not today!

Below we instrumentality a look astatine the Explore model, a full-sized versatile electrical bike.

HeyBike Explore Specs Motor: 750w Rear hub motor Battery: 48v 20Ah (960wh) Engagement: Throttle, 5 level pedal assistance (cadence) Frame: Step-Through (aluminum) Gearing: Shimano 7-speed tourney derailleur (14-28) Brakes: 180m mechanical disc Top Speed: 28mph Range: Up to 70 miles connected Assist Tires: 26″ x 4″ Extras: Suspension fork, cruiser riding position, comfortableness grips, suspension seatpost, welded rear rack, beforehand light, process light, brake light, buzzer horn

The Explore exemplary is genuinely equipped for the archetypal clip rider to research their surroundings. There’s plentifulness of different ngo circumstantial bikes retired there, but for the archetypal clip purchaser (or possibly second) a versatile level with a wide array of features volition assistance broaden horizons and make a lifelong passion.

HeyBike Explore arsenic a Commuter

Getting into commuting, the Explore is simply a large choice, arsenic it’s already equipped with the indispensable accessories to get going that precise day. On the rear of the motorcycle is simply a heavy rear rack, that tin judge a assortment of bags some connected the broadside and connected the top. The wide metallic fenders are sturdy and expansive, providing existent extortion wherever others mightiness beryllium conscionable for looks. The lighting strategy is agleam and casual to use. On the beforehand is simply a agleam achromatic LED (which besides houses the horn), and connected the rear is simply a wide reddish LED with brake airy flashers arsenic well.

With these functions successful place, the research is acceptable to support the rider protected from the elements, seen by motorists, and packed for enactment oregon adventure. And to apical it disconnected the Explore not lone includes a water-bottle cage, but it was mounted connected the motorcycle astatine the factory, a bully touch.

HeyBike Explore connected the Trail

The HeyBike Explore tin leap into airy way riding without an issue. It’s surely not intended for downhill bombing, oregon agelong off-road trekking, but shortcuts and walking trails are a portion of barroom for the Explore.

Leading the motorcycle is simply a brace of 26″ x 4″ abdominous tires, which tin find grip connected adjacent the astir escaped of terrain. The abdominous tires besides assistance with maintaining equilibrium and comfortableness erstwhile obstacles are successful the way. Also keeping power is simply a beforehand suspension, which includes some a lockout and good tuning with adjustable controls. While the Explore features Shimano 7-speed mechanical gearing, the usage of this constituent is mostly for the road. Steep off-road climbs volition necessitate the usage of pedal assistance connected the electrical system.

HeyBike Explore Electric System

The Explore tin thrust successful 3 antithetic modes: afloat pedal power, physics pedal assist, and afloat electrical throttle. with 5 levels of pedal assist, intelligibly disposable connected the halfway display. The distant thumb power is casual to usage without taking eyes disconnected the road, and the halfway show keeps the visuals close successful the halfway of the handlebars. The Explore besides has a throttle control, powering astatine the twist of the wrist.

Powering the Explore is an businesslike 750w brushless motor, that tin instrumentality connected astir immoderate hill. That ample centrifugal is met with a 48v 20Ah ample capableness battery, packing astir 1 kilowatt hr of vigor (960wh). With this benignant of power, the Explore could spot 55 miles connected afloat throttle, and 70 miles connected pedal assist. Riding astatine afloat apical velocity of 28mph, the research mightiness spot little range.

HeyBike Explore arsenic a Cruiser

Cruising backmost location is precise comfy with the Explore. The casual to equine step-through framework makes riding and stopping a stress-free acquisition for immoderate rider. The suspension damping spot post, and wide saddle sorb the bumps and imperfections successful the road, and the tires and fork adhd much luxury to the ride.

To tease astatine a spot much of the HeyBike offerings, the beforehand head-tube is equipped with beforehand rack mounts, truthful that a beforehand handbasket oregon level tin beryllium added securely and natively.

HeyBike Anniversary

HeyBike has been a protagonist of Electrek for immoderate time, and we’re blessed to enactment successful their upcoming day sale. More photos below, and beryllium definite to cheque the company’s website to prevention connected your acquisition of a HeyBike Explore.

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