Here's Why Bachelor Nation Should Have Cameras Rolling at Stagecoach 2022

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How Bachelor Nation Turned Stagecoach Into an Unofficial Reunion

Forget astir the Bachelor Mansion. Keep your eyes connected Stagecoach.
On April 29, thousands of state euphony fans volition caput to Indio, Calif., to acquisition 3 days of non-stop music. And portion attendees program their schedules to acquisition Carrie Underwood, Thomas Rhett, Maren Morris and different artists live, they besides whitethorn privation to support their eyes peeled for members of Bachelor Nation.
Before the coronavirus pandemic enactment a intermission connected the yearly festival, Stagecoach served arsenic an unofficial reunion for galore formed members of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.
"Bachelor Nation is simply a beauteous choky knit crew," Robby Hayes exclusively shared with E! News. "It's beauteous mean for america to conscionable up and marque definite we transverse paths erstwhile we are attending the aforesaid lawsuit and located successful the aforesaid metropolis for a weekend. If we fto the ambiance and drinks get the champion of us, well, I conjecture we conscionable similar to fto escaped erstwhile the cameras aren't on! It tin beryllium a bully alteration of pace!"

Back successful 2019, Blake Horstmann's trip to Stagecoach caused 1 of Bachelor successful Paradise's astir dramatic storylines—and emotion triangles—of the season.


This year, however, helium volition beryllium performing a DJ acceptable astatine The HonkyTonk with Bachelor Nation guests expected to attend.
For others similar Cassie Randolph, the festival is simply a drama-free portion wherever she can marque memories with those she loves most. "My household has gone for the past 5 years," she told E! News astatine the Cupshe pop-up successful March. "We enactment successful the RV parkland and conscionable bent retired each day, person a large clip and it's astir amended than Christmas for me."
Before the amusive begins, keep reading to spot each the memories Bachelor Nation made astatine Stagecoach.


Demi Burnett

"Meet Enrey, the champion person I made astatine Stagecoach," the Bachelor successful Paradise prima joked portion holding an orangish balloon. "Unfortunately, helium didn't past the festival. I'm amazed I did."


Kirpa Sudick, Tayshia Adams & Caitlin Clemmens

"We don't person to spell home, we tin permission the nighttime on," Kirpa wrote connected Instagram aft enjoying the festival with boohoo. 


Amanda Stanton & Andi Dorfman

In 2019, these adjacent friends made Stagecoach play a travel to remember. 


Blake Horstmann

Back successful 2019, the Bachelor successful Paradise prima got the opportunity to conscionable Sam Hunt, Bret Michaels, Jessie James Decker and different artists during the weekend. 


Caelynn Miller-Keyes

"Who's the ferris of them all," the Bachelor successful Paradise prima wrote from the elephantine ferris wheel. 


Cassie Randolph

When kicking disconnected her 23rd birthday successful 2018, The Bachelor prima headed to Indio, Calif. for the Stagecoach camping experience. 


Robby Hayes

Hooray for the red, achromatic and Bachelor Nation! 


Blake Horstmann

"Let's spot what this Stagecoach happening is each about," the Bachelor successful Paradise alum captioned this pic successful 2019 on with a series of hashtags.

Ashley Iaconetti/Instagram

Jared Haibon, Nick Viall, Ashley "I" Iaconetti & Dean Unglert

"A queen and her jesters," the Bachelor successful Paradise prima shared from the godforsaken portion hanging with Nick Viall, Dean Unglert and Jared Haibon. 


Andi Dorfman, Amanda Stanton & Lauren Bushnell

"This is however we roll..." Amanda shared connected Instagram portion enjoying her enactment astatine the Old Polo Estate successful the Coachella Valley. 


Becca Tilley

When you caput to Stagecoach, you perfectly formal to impress! Just inquire the co-host of iHeartRadio's Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad podcast who was styled by D A N I + E M M A during her 2018 trip. 


Kendall Long & Ashley "I" Iaconetti

"Stagecoach with this woman emotion @ashley_iaconetti," the Bachelor successful Paradise prima shared erstwhile wearing Boohoo during the 2018 festival. 


Nick Viall & Kendall Long

"We did it for the likes," The Bachelor prima wrote connected Instagram portion showcasing his Boohoo cogwheel astatine the 2018 festival. 


Lauren Bushnell & Erin Andrews

You conscionable ne'er cognize who you volition spot erstwhile you're sporting immoderate fabulous cowboy boots! 

Becca Tilley/Instagram

Becca Tilley

"Ferris Wheel pic coming later. STAY TUNED. #stagecoach," The Bachelor prima promised connected Instagram portion wearing Rebecca Taylor and Senso boots. 


Dean Unglert, Kendall Long, Jared Haibon, Ashley "i" Iaconetti & Nick Viall

It's a tiny satellite aft each erstwhile you're successful the California dessert! 


Chase McNary, Josh Murray, Robby Hayes & Jef Holm

"Star spangled hammered us," Robby shared connected societal media erstwhile attending the 2017 festival with his champion bros from Bachelor Nation. 

Brandi Cyrus/Instagram

Vanessa Grimaldi & Brandi Cyrus

"Goes to @stagecoach once. #blistersallovermyfeet #imturningcountry," The Bachelor prima joked connected Instagram erstwhile hanging retired with her girlfriends.

Lauren Bushnell/Instagram

Lauren Bushnell

"Trading successful our yearly stagecoach travel for a travel to the altar," The Bachelor prima wrote connected Instagram erstwhile explaining wherefore she won't beryllium making the travel to Stagecoach successful 2019. Sister's wedding has to travel first! 

Robby Hayes/Instagram

Robby Hayes & Jef Holm

"‘Cause I gottttt friendssss successful debased places' #Stagecoach Who other is here!?" Robby shared connected Instagram backmost successful 2018. 

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