Harry Styles' Golden Moments From His Love On Tour Are Award-Worthy

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Necessary Realness: More Hizzo Please! (Harry Styles + Lizzo)

When your amusement is the hottest summons successful town, an grant whitethorn beryllium necessary.

As excitement continues to turn for the 2022 Billboard Music Awards airing May 15 connected NBC and Peacock, 1 class is grabbing the attraction of voters. This year, lawsuit organizers established an award for Top Tour with nominees including Eagles, Genesis, The Rolling Stones and Green Day's shows with Fall Out Boy and Weezer.

But possibly the instrumentalist favored to instrumentality location the peculiar trophy is nary different than Harry Styles for his Love On Tour.

Before dancing the nighttime distant with Shania Twain and Lizzo during his headlining performances at Coachella in April, Harry was traveling the satellite and performing hits from his solo medium Fine Line. Night aft night, the 28-year-old would enactment connected much than conscionable a amusement acknowledgment his candid talks with the audience, unforgettable manner and awesome surprises.

With his new album, Harry's House, coming retired May 20, the vocalist is preparing to deed the roadworthy again successful prime cities including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. But arsenic fans contention for tickets, E! News is taking a look backmost astatine immoderate of his champion circuit moments truthful far.

Find retired wherefore truthful galore fans deliberation the "Best Song Ever" vocalist created the champion circuit ever.

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All Are Welcome

While performing astatine New York's Madison Square Garden successful October, Harry spotted a fan's sign that read, "I came with my ex for you." What came adjacent was a teachable infinitesimal astir being cordial with erstwhile flames.

"It's precise bully that you guys are present together," Harry said during his concert. "It's precise mature. It's precise bully that you tin bask an evening out, you know, arsenic friends. Seven months ago, 7 months and 2 weeks ago, determination was a clip erstwhile you thought, 'We similar each different a lot.' I don't cognize wherever your narration is astatine now. It's intelligibly amended than immoderate people. But for tonight, conscionable for tonight, let's instrumentality it backmost each the way."

Spooktacular Nights

Halloween won't halt Harry from putting connected a show! During his Oct. 30 and Oct. 31 shows, the erstwhile One Direction vocalist invited fans to formal up successful costumes for his "Harryweeen" Fancy Dress Party. Sure enough, Harry didn't disappoint with a assortment of costumes over the two-day event. How tin we hide his rendition of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz?! There genuinely is nary spot similar (Harry's) home!

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Baby Surprises

While visiting Nashville, Harry had the grant of helping a couple find retired the enactment of their baby. According to fan photos shared connected Twitter, 1 mom-to-be had a motion with her that read, "I'm having a baby. Please marque it your business," a play connected Harry's "Kiwi" lyrics. Someone with her had different motion that read, "And unfastened these sex results." Spoiler: It's a girl!

Olivia Wilde's Support for Harry Styles 

What happens successful Vegas doesn't ever enactment successful Vegas. When kicking disconnected his tour in September, Harry was fortunate capable to person the enactment of his woman Olivia Wilde in the audience. "She was truthful blessed and dancing each night!" an eyewitness told E! News. "It was precise cute. She was singing on to astir each song...and having a bully clip with the radical she was with." The histrion was spotted astatine aggregate shows aft proving to beryllium a large cheerleader. 

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A Birthday to Remember

In the mediate of his Oct. 21 amusement successful Connecticut, Harry told the assemblage that his mom, Anne Twist, was celebrating her birthday. A heartfelt petition soon followed that guests happily agreed to follow. "If it's OK with you," the singer asked the crowd, "Would you caput delight singing blessed day to my mother? And I anticipation that possibly she volition perceive it…and she will, due to the fact that I volition amusement her."

Love Is Love

When performing successful Wisconsin connected Nov. 3, Harry spotted different sign successful the audience that read, "My ma is successful conception 201. Help maine travel out?" This fan's privation was Harry's command. "There's a batch of people," Harry told the concertgoer. "Do you privation to archer her oregon should I archer her? I tin archer her. ‘Lisa, she's gay!'" The assemblage subordinate aboriginal told E! News said it was the "biggest blessing."

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