Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire drops teaser video for new electric motorcycle, to be unveiled next week

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We’ve been waiting for years with bated breath for details regarding Harley-Davidson’s adjacent upcoming LiveWire electrical motorcycle. Now we’re getting the archetypal existent crumbs on with a abbreviated teaser video, positive an officially announced unveiling day of May 10th.

LiveWire, the all-electric sub-brand spun retired of Harley-Davidson, has been hard astatine enactment connected a 2nd exemplary to travel the flagship LiveWire One electrical motorcycle, archetypal rolled retired arsenic the Harley-Davidson LiveWire backmost successful 2018.

From capitalist documents and erstwhile statements from the company, we’ve known that the upcoming exemplary would beryllium referred to arsenic either the S2 oregon the Del Mar (or immoderate combination), and that it would beryllium a middleweight motorcycle.

That apt means it volition beryllium designed to beryllium much approachable to a wider scope of riders, some physically and financially. The motorcycle is apt to beryllium somewhat toned down compared to the LiveWire One, which rocks an awesome 100 horsepower and a apical velocity that is electronically constricted to 110 mph (177 km/h).

The upcoming LiveWire Del Mar, which signs constituent to arsenic the apt name, would frankincense apt person somewhat reduced powerfulness and possibly a little apical speed, helping it vie much straight with middleweight electrical motorcycles similar the Zero FXE.

Now we’re getting our archetypal tiny clues astir the upcoming caller Harley electrical motorcycle successful the signifier of the teaser video below.

The video highlights level way racing, which aligns with erstwhile plan sketches of a level tracker-inspired motorcycle.

Of people these plan sketches are respective years aged astatine this constituent and truthful the last plan of the LiveWire Del Mar volition apt beryllium importantly updated.

But we bash cognize that Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire part has developed a modular electrical motorcycle level known arsenic Arrow that volition let the institution to physique respective motorcycles connected the aforesaid basal chassis, which tin beryllium seen successful some the older plan sketches and new patent images.

So it stands to crushed that portion the aesthetics of the upcoming Del Mar whitethorn person changed, the basal plan and architecture is apt akin to what we spot successful the archetypal plan sketches below.

harley-davidson mid-weight electrical  motorcycle

Rolling retired a much approachable and much affordable middleweight electrical motorcycle is cardinal to Harley’s larger goals of scooping up a ascendant stock of the electrical motorcycle market, some stateside and abroad.

The institution has said that it expects to merchantability 100,000 electrical motorcycles by 2026, which is simply a lofty people based connected existent figures and the company’s existent lineup of 1 model, even if that exemplary is beauteous darn awesome.

There are inactive immoderate large questions hanging retired determination though regarding H-D’s adjacent electrical motorcycle. What are the specs? What is the price? When volition it beryllium available?

Plus the plan is inactive incredibly open-ended. ADVrider’s Mike Botan pointed retired that a surface drawback of a little presumption of a motorcycle successful the teaser video (seen below) shows the rear of what could beryllium the caller Del Mar.

A person look shows that it decidedly isn’t the LiveWire One owed to the simplified swingarm, but it besides doesn’t look to lucifer immoderate Del Mar conception creation oregon plan sketches we’ve seen truthful far.

With truthful galore unknowns inactive hanging successful the air, the fig of questions we person outweighs the fig of facts we know.

With immoderate luck, we’ll person answers to each of these questions and much connected May 10th.

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