Gunman posted messages minutes before school shooting, governor says

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  6:33 PM / May 25, 2022 Trauma surgeon recounts operating connected victims: "Sadly, we were prepared"

A trauma surgeon successful Texas who operated connected children wounded successful the Uvalde schoolhouse shooting said that she and her squad mobilized rapidly erstwhile they were notified astir the shooting —and knew however to respond owed to their acquisition with the Sutherland Springs religion shooting successful 2017, which near 26 dead.

"Sadly, we were prepared for and thought we would get much patients than we did," Dr. Lillian Liao, the manager of pediatric trauma astatine University Hospital successful San Antonio, told CBS News.

Texas trauma surgeon recounts acquisition successful infirmary aft Robb Elementary School shooting 07:09

Liao said the injuries successful children from Tuesday's wide shooting were "high-velocity firearm injuries." Compared to injuries from handguns, she said these weapons person a much destructive interaction connected the body.

She besides noted the harm tin beryllium adjacent much terrible for children. "When you speech astir a child, their assemblage aboveground country is overmuch smaller than an adult, and truthful erstwhile a projectile hits them astatine a precocious velocity, it volition make a bigger destruction," she said. 

"You tin bleed to decease successful 5 minutes."

Read much from the interrogation here

  4:02 PM / May 25, 2022 Superintendent calls 2 slain teachers "cornerstone" of the school

The schoolhouse district's superintendent, Hal Harrell, called the 2 teachers killed successful the shooting a "cornerstone" of the school. 

"They were 2 beauteous souls," Harrell said. "They person taught astatine that field for galore years, they person kids successful our district, and they poured their bosom and psyche into what they did successful educating our kids successful Uvalde." 

Harrell besides commended the remainder of the school's teachers for their actions during the shooting, calling them "heroes." 

"If it weren't for them — on with the instrumentality enforcement that came — that were consenting to cradle their kids, get them retired of the schoolroom erstwhile it was safe, erstwhile they were guided. And the spot our kids successful their teachers — that says volumes for our unit present successful Uvalde," Harrell said. "They are heroes. They did heroic things yesterday."    

Harrell expressed his sorrow astatine the nonaccomplishment of the 19 children who, helium said, came to schoolhouse to bask 1 of the last days of the schoolhouse year. 

"As I look astatine their pictures, you tin conscionable archer by their angelic smiles that they were loved, that they loved coming to school, and they were conscionable precious individuals," helium said.   

  3:34 PM / May 25, 2022 Suspect bought 2 semi-automatic rifles successful May, officials say

During a property league connected Wednesday, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw provided a elaborate timeline of however the gunman obtained weapons earlier the shooting. 

McCraw primitively said the shooter purchased a semi-automatic firearm connected March 17 astatine a section sporting goods store, purchased rounds of ammunition the pursuing day, and bought different semi-automatic firearm astatine the aforesaid store connected March 20. The Department of Public Safety aboriginal confirmed to CBS News that the shooter really bought the weapons connected May 17 and May 20. 

McCraw said the shooter brought 1 of the rifles into the schoolhouse connected the time of the shooting. 

  3:17 PM / May 25, 2022 Gunman had a combat with his grandma earlier shooting, sources say

Two instrumentality enforcement officials told CBS News that the gunman got into a combat with his grandma connected Tuesday greeting earlier shooting her, taking her car and heading to Robb Elementary School, wherever helium carried retired the shooting. 

Preliminary accusation suggests the combat was implicit who would wage a cellphone bill. The officials stressed that the accusation is preliminary and they are investigating it further.

  3:09 PM / May 25, 2022 NRA expresses "deepest sympathies" for shooting; says it was the effect of "lone, deranged criminal"

The National Rifle Association said successful a connection Wednesday that the organization's "deepest sympathies" are with the families and victims of the wide shooting. Amid calls for stronger weapon authorities successful the aftermath of the attack, the NRA said the shooting was the effect of a "lone, deranged criminal."

The organization's yearly gathering volition beryllium held successful Houston, Texas, this weekend. The NRA said it will usage that clip to "reflect connected these events, commune for the victims, admit our patriotic members, and pledge to redouble our committedness to making our schools secure." 

  2:17 PM / May 25, 2022 Meta spokesperson says posts were "private one-to-one substance messages"

Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Facebook's genitor company, Meta, said Wednesday that the gunman's posts referenced by the Texas politician were "private one-to-one substance messages that were discovered aft the unspeakable calamity occurred."

"We are intimately cooperating with instrumentality enforcement successful their ongoing investigation," he said.

CBS News tech newsman Dan Patterson has much connected that facet of the probe successful the video below.

Gov. Abbott says Texas fishy messaged connected Facebook close earlier shooting 03:25
  2:03 PM / May 25, 2022 Beto O'Rourke confronts Abbott astatine property conference

Texas Democratic gubernatorial campaigner Beto O'Rourke interrupted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott during his property conference.

Beto O'Rourke interrupts Greg Abbott property conference 06:21

Abbott said helium would beryllium passing the microphone to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick erstwhile O'Rourke stood up. 

"You are doing nothing," O'Rourke said.

One of the officials connected signifier yelled to O'Rourke, "You are retired of line" and said "I can't judge you are a sick lad of a b**** and would travel present to marque a governmental issue."

Law enforcement officers appeared to escort O'Rourke retired of the property league afterward.

  1:53 PM / May 25, 2022 Gunman wrote astir program online conscionable earlier shooting, politician said

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Wednesday that the gunman who opened occurrence astatine an simple schoolhouse successful Uvalde, Texas, sidesplitting 19 children and 2 adults, wrote messages connected Facebook conscionable earlier the shooting that helium was going to onslaught a school. 

Special Report: Texas Governor Greg Abbott gives update connected Uvalde schoolhouse shooting 29:37

Abbott said the gunman wrote 3 times earlier the attack: erstwhile to accidental helium was going to sprout his grandmother, erstwhile to accidental helium had changeable his grandmother, and a 3rd clip — astir 15 minutes earlier the shooting — to accidental helium was going to unfastened occurrence astatine a school. 

  12:44 PM / May 25, 2022 Multiple victims inactive hospitalized

Multiple hospitals successful Texas proceed to attraction for victims of the wide shooting, immoderate of whom stay successful captious condition. 

The Brooke Army Medical Center said it is caring for 2 big patients who are successful "serious condition." University Health, successful San Antonio, said it is caring for a 66-year-old pistillate and a 10-year-old miss successful superior condition, and a 10-year-old miss and a 9-year-old miss successful bully condition. All pediatric patients are with their families, the infirmary said. 

  12:57 PM / May 25, 2022 Shooter bought guns legally aft 18th birthday

The antheral who killed 19 children and 2 teachers successful Texas bought his guns legally days earlier the onslaught and soon aft his 18th birthday, a instrumentality enforcement briefing said.

He bought 1 AR-style firearm from a federally-licensed weapon trader successful the Uvalde country connected May 17, according to a authorities constabulary briefing fixed to Sen. John Whitmire. The adjacent day, helium bought 375 rounds of ammunition, and bought a 2nd firearm connected May 20.

Officers recovered 1 of the rifles from his motortruck and the different was recovered successful the school, according to the briefing. It said the shooter dropped a backpack with respective magazines afloat of ammunition adjacent the schoolhouse entrance, and that helium was wearing a body-armor benignant vest but that it had nary hardened plates inside.

  12:51 PM / May 25, 2022 Biden, lawmakers telephone for stronger weapon laws

The shooting prompted renewed calls for caller weapon legislation. Speaking successful Congress, Senator Chris Murphy, who was formerly a typical from the territory that included Sandy Hook Elementary School, begged his colleagues to find immoderate communal crushed connected caller legislation. 

"I americium present connected this level to beg — to virtually get down connected my hands and knees and beg my colleagues," helium said. "Find a way guardant here. Work with america to find a mode to walk laws that marque this little likely. I recognize my Republican colleagues whitethorn not hold to everything I support, but determination is simply a communal denominator we tin find. There is simply a spot wherever we tin execute agreement."

Senator Chris Murphy connected Texas simple schoolhouse shooting, weapon information reform 09:19

President Biden echoed that sentiment successful his ain statement Tuesday night, noting that "these kinds of wide shootings seldom hap anyplace other successful the world."  

"They person intelligence wellness problems. They person home disputes successful different countries. They person radical who are lost, but these kinds of wide shootings ne'er hap with the benignant of frequence they hap successful America. Why?" Mr. Biden said. "Why are we consenting to unrecorded with this carnage?"

"As a nation, we person to ask, erstwhile successful God's sanction are we going to basal up to the weapon lobby?" Mr. Biden added. "When successful God's sanction volition we bash what we each cognize successful our gut needs to beryllium done?" 

"It's clip to act": Biden addresses Texas simple schoolhouse wide shooting 09:10
  12:56 PM / May 25, 2022 Parents of different shooting victims talk out: "Families don't request your freaking hearts. They request their kids."

Parents of students killed successful different schoolhouse shootings expressed their anger that different wide shooting had occurred.

"My lad Joaquin, my beauteous lad Joaquin, my guiltless lad Joaquin, was changeable 4 times with an AR-15," Manuel Oliver, the genitor of a pupil killed successful the 2018 wide shooting astatine Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School successful Parkalnd, Florida, told CBS News' Lana Zak. "And today, we saw an 18-year-old successful Texas was capable to transportation a limb and termination kids wrong their school."

"We've been warring against this. We were trying to forestall this. We knew that it was going to happen, we conscionable don't cognize where," helium said. 

Father of Parkland unfortunate speaks astir Texas schoolhouse shooting: "I consciousness precise angry" 07:23

"You volition perceive these politicians sending their thoughts and prayers and immoderate of them volition say, 'Our hearts are with the families,'" helium added. "Well, conjecture what? The families don't request your freaking hearts. They request their kids. And their kids are not determination anymore." 

Fred Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old girl Jamie was besides killed successful the Parkland shooting, is calling for stricter weapon laws. He told CBS News' Anne-Marie Green connected Wednesday, "I consciousness breached for each of the families who person lived with weapon unit and for families that present articulation them. I person had enough."

Parkland victim's dada connected Texas shooting: "I consciousness breached for each the families" 11:00