Greece receives new batch of M1117 armored security vehicles

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The Hellenic Armed Forces person received a new batch of 90 M117 Guardian Armored Safety Vehicles from the U.S. nether our Excess Defense Articles program, according to the U.S. Embassy Athens.

“Great to invited 90 much M1117 Armored Security Vehicles to Thessaloniki,” the Embassy said successful a Twitter post-Monday.

The details were fixed successful a 25 July post, to denote the U.S. plans to supply 1,200 armored vehicles by the extremity of 2022.


The vehicles are Excess Defense Articles, oregon EDA, and the Army uses FMS to facilitate divesture, portion simultaneously gathering spouse capacity. Vehicles declared EDA are nary longer portion of the Army’s inventory. The U.S. Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC) executes Army FMS.

Greece received an archetypal 44 M117 Guardian Armored Safety Vehicles successful 2021. The M1117 vehicles volition complement existing weapons systems, providing caller capabilities to the Greek Army.

The M117 ASV is simply a lightly armored, each instrumentality thrust conveyance that provides ballistic extortion for the subject constabulary unit members against assorted tiny arms and fragment threats. The 30,000 lb. conveyance contains V-shaped armor, a turret strategy and is susceptible of seating up to 4 individuals with each of their combat gear.

Photo by U.S. Embassy Athens