Graham Alexander taking nothing for granted in race for Europe

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Motherwell manager Graham Alexander expects the contention for European qualification to spell to the past time of the cinch Premiership season.

Well moved into presumption for a spot successful the Europa Conference League qualifiers erstwhile a 1–0 triumph distant astatine Ross County saw them leapfrog the Staggies into 5th place.

A archetypal distant triumph successful 7 months has transformed the outlook for Motherwell, who lone secured a top-six spot astatine the divided with Ricky Lamie’s last-minute equaliser astatine Livingston but could seal a European spot connected Wednesday if they bushed Hearts and County neglect to bushed Rangers astatine Ibrox.

But Alexander said: “It is going to spell to the past game. It was the aforesaid with the apical six going into the past seconds – that could hap again but we volition conscionable springiness it our champion shot.

“We did large to get into the apical six and the accidental is determination for us, Dundee United and Ross County to get European football.”

Alexander admitted his broadside had not played arsenic good successful Dingwall arsenic they had during a 1-0 decision by United the erstwhile weekend.

But Kevin van Veen came disconnected the seat aft struggling each week with unwellness to gain and people a 68th-minute penalty, and Well held retired successful the look of sustained unit with the assistance of Liam Kelly’s adept prevention from Joseph Hungbo.

Alexander was delighted to reward a noisy set of travelling fans with a long-awaited triumph connected the road.

“I heard the fans earlier the crippled and we mentioned it earlier – it was large to springiness them thing back,” helium said.

The turning constituent successful Dingwall was erstwhile Van Veen got successful beforehand of Alex Iacovitti’s attempted clearance.

Both the Dutchman and Alexander were adamant it was a spot-kick, but County manager Malky Mackay was little definite from the space helium saw the incidental from.

However, Mackay believes it should person been a moot constituent arsenic the location broadside had plentifulness of chances to unafraid the points regardless, lone to neglect to marque the astir of immoderate of them.

“I’m not going to accidental yes oregon no, due to the fact that adjacent the camera space I’ve seen wasn’t good,” helium said of the punishment decision.

“My lad says helium has kicked the shot connected to their player, and it’s a immense determination for the referee (David Munro).

“It’s not the archetypal punishment he’s fixed against america this season, but I’ll person to spot it again.

“I’m much funny that we did capable to spell and triumph the game, and we brought it connected ourselves due to the fact that we had a batch of chances and a batch of possession, but we person to beryllium better.”

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