Good Trouble's Sherry Cola Reveals She 'Drunk" DM'd Show Producer Jennifer Lopez

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If Sherry Cola loves you, she's gonna fto you know! 

While visiting E!'s Down successful the DMs, the Good Trouble star, 32, shared that she has "no shame successful presumption of sliding successful DMs and showing love" to her favourite chap celebrities…Even if it means that she sometimes ends up drunk DM-ing Jennifer Lopez on the way.  

"I may have sent immoderate drunk DMs to Jennifer Lopez showing my respect and admiration," she shared. "I'm inactive waiting that reply." 

Although, Sherry noted, Jennifer has benignant of fixed her a outcry retired successful the past. "J.Lo has technically posted maine connected her Story!" she remarked. "She's an [executive producer] of Good Trouble. She's posted trailers [with] maine arsenic the screen photo."  

"I virtually person a screenshot of me, spread-eagle, connected a seat connected J.Lo's Story," the histrion joked. "I've peaked." 

Sherry past pretended to instrumentality a fictional telephone telephone from Jennifer, wherever she made definite to fto her cognize it was "okay that you didn't reply to my DM."

When she hesitated connected making luncheon plans with the Marry Me actress, the fictional telephone telephone rapidly came to an end.

But Jennifer isn't the lone instrumentalist that Sherry has showered with emotion implicit the past fewer years. The histrion shared that she erstwhile messaged Drake back successful 2017, but that helium ne'er responded to her. 

"I've perfectly slid into Drake's DMs saying, ‘you up?'" she said. "He's inactive sleeping, I guess." 

When it comes to DMs, the Turning Red actress revealed she has a "few celeb crushes" that she likes to often message, including singer-songwriter Tinashe...who besides hasn't replied conscionable yet. (Message Sherry back, y'all!)

"A batch of bosom oculus emojis person gone unseen," Sherry replied. Still, she hasn't fixed up hope, adding, "But 1 day! A miss tin dream!" 

"Maybe she'll spot this," she joked. "Tinashe, deed maine up!" 

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