GM’s exploring V2H, V2G, and Virtual Power Plant capabilities for EVs

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General Motors (GM) is looking to accelerate the adoption of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capabilities successful EVs. A caller concern with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) volition analyse integrating bidirectional charging into the grid to amended vigor distribution.

It’s nary concealed by now, GM is going each successful connected electrical vehicles with its strategy to supply an “EV for everyone.” The automaker’s CEO Mary Barra has adjacent gone arsenic acold arsenic to accidental she’s assured GM will drawback existent person Tesla by 2025.

To substance the transformation, GM has unveiled respective highly anticipated electrical models, including the Chevy Equinox EV, with a starting terms tag of astir $30,000.

Meanwhile, successful October, GM introduced a caller concern portion called GM Energy, which aims to “reimagine” our vigor strategy with a big of caller products, dedicated backup location power, and a web of charging stations.

Eventually, the automaker says, done its vigor business, customers volition person entree to precocious technologies specified as:

Bidirectional charging Vehicle-to-home (V2H) Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) Stationary vigor storage Solar vigor and microgrid solutions

After revealing its caller vigor business, GM said it was already investigating V2H applications with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). Now GM and SDG&E are taking it a measurement further by exploring however EVs, chargers, and batteries tin assistance heighten the vigor grid with V2G integrations.

GM-EV-V2G-1Chevy Silverado EV Source: ChevroletGM and SDG&E look astatine EV V2G applications

Under the agreement, GM and SDG&E volition analyse however they tin usage EVs with bidirectional charging into the electrical grid to heighten stableness during highest demand.

GM and SDG&E volition instrumentality a holistic approach, studying solutions needed to accelerate vehicle-to-grid adoption, which includes:

Documenting champion V2H practices truthful that the benefits are evident to consumers. Creating systems to assistance inferior providers and automakers pat into cloud-based vigor absorption platforms and distributed vigor resources (EVs with V2G) to make Virtual Power Plants. Investigating utilizing EVs to assistance successful microgrid environments, promoting grid resiliency successful communities. Microgrids are designed to usage the stored vigor successful batteries arsenic backup during an outage.

As portion of the caller partnership, GM and SDG&E volition look astatine 3 vehicle-to-grid integration abilities, including V2H, V2G, and Virtual Power Plants.

GM VP of EV maturation operations, Travis Hester, talks astir the relation this exertion tin works successful the future, stating:

As GM continues connected its travel towards an all-electric future, expanding the capabilities of EVs represents a important accidental to assistance fortify grid resiliency and mitigate the interaction of disruptions.

Both GM and SDG&E person signed the Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which pools resources from the U.S Department of Energy (DOE) and its partners to accelerate and alteration bidirectional EV integration into the vigor grid.

US DOE exertion transitions commercialization executive, Rima Oueid, says:

Bidirectional charging holds tremendous imaginable for expanding the country’s vigor information and grid reliability successful summation to supporting economical opportunities for communities passim the nation.

Electrek’s Take

Electric vehicles connection overmuch much than conscionable zero-emission travel, instant torque, and a creaseless ride. They besides person the imaginable to enactment arsenic mobile vigor stations with almighty batteries.

Why not usage them to heighten the grid and support the nation’s vigor security? As electrical vehicles proceed rolling retired astatine a grounds pace, integrating them with bidirectional charging makes sense. If the powerfulness goes out, you tin plug your EV successful and powerfulness your home.

On the different hand, if highest vigor request rises, we tin pat into the powerfulness of electrical vehicles alternatively than starting up the heavy polluting peaker plants.

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