Get free EV charging and home charger deals from Electrify America to celebrate Earth Day

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In grant of Earth Day 2022, charging web Electrify America is offering escaped EV charging sessions astatine 740 locations crossed the United States. Additionally, EA is offering $50 disconnected its HomeStation Level-2 location charger done the remainder of April utilizing the promo codification below.

Electrify America presently operates 1 of the largest DC accelerated charging networks in the US, and simultaneously continues to turn its beingness to enactment the booming fig of caller EVs joining roadways.

While it presently operates astir 800 charging stations lodging astir 3,500 idiosyncratic chargers, the institution has already shared plans to treble its charging network in the US and Canada by 2025, expanding to astir 10,000 chargers crossed 1,800 stations.

In summation to having complimentary charging deals with sixteen antithetic EV automakers, Electrify America occasionally likes to connection escaped charging to its customers connected large US holidays, those that usually impact traveling specified arsenic Labor Day Weekend.

In grant of parent quality and the EV industry’s quest to reverse clime change, Electrify America is besides offering escaped EV charging for Earth Day.

Free charging world  dayEA’s HomeStation Level-2 location charger / Source: Electrify America Free charging and HomeStation discounts for Earth Day

Electrify America shared its latest EV charging deals successful a property release honoring Earth Day this week. Beginning astatine 12:01 a.m. EDT connected April 22, until 3:00 a.m. EDT connected April 23, Electrify America volition screen the outgo of each charging sessions for EV drivers.

The charging web is besides encouraging those drivers taking vantage of the escaped charging to station to societal media utilizing hashtags #ChargeOnEarth and #Promotion to amusement their enactment for Earth Day. Robert Barrosa, EA’s elder manager of sales, concern development, & selling spoke astir the determination down the escaped Earth Day charging:

Driving an electrical conveyance is thing that individuals tin bash each time to unrecorded much sustainably. Electrify America is blessed to supply a small convey you to those who person already made the committedness to thrust electrical and assistance beforehand the extremity of a much sustainable future.

In summation to escaped charging astatine nationalist stations, Electrify is besides celebrating Earth Day by offering a $50 discount connected its HomeStation Level-2 location charger (retails for $649.99).

Beginning contiguous done April 30, 2022, customers tin usage promo codification CHARGEONEARTH for $50 off. The HomeStation offers adjustable charging powerfulness of up to 40 amps and tin present charging speeds of up to 9.6 kW, equating to up to 33 miles of scope per hour.

Check retired the Electrify America app, oregon the EA website to find the nearest charger adjacent you.

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