Germany to supply the Ukrainian Army with heavy tank transporter vehicles

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Berlin is readying to proviso upgraded 4×4 vehicles, armored trucks, tactical buses, and astir 100 HX81 dense tractor-trailer systems to Ukraine arsenic the Russian violative successful the eastbound Donbas portion escalates.

Citing a study from Bild, Militarnyi reported that Germany agreed to ramp up the proviso of weapons and subject vehicles to Kyiv, including HX 81 tractors.

The conveyance is based connected an 8×8 MAN HX-series chassis. Germany’s caller tractor-trailer systems volition beryllium utilized for transporting tracked and wheeled vehicles, containers and dense equipment.


Two cablegram winches with a pulling unit up to 20 tonnes each alteration loading and unloading of defective equipment. A self-recovery winch with a traction unit of 8 tonnes is mounted to the beforehand of the vehicle. Designed for maximum mobility, the tractor-trailer strategy volition besides beryllium capable to run for agelong distances successful areas with mediocre infrastructure.

The HX81 dense vessel transporter conveyance was jointly developed by MAN and Rheinmetall.

Although Germany is the world’s fifth-largest exporter of arms, it has agelong avoided sending weapons straight to struggle zones. Since Russia’s penetration began successful February, the authorities of Chancellor Olaf Scholz has sent airy equipment, ammunition, and fixed further backing to German arms manufacturers sending supplies to Ukraine.