Generators can be deadly during hurricanes. Here's how to use them safely.

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Hurricane Ian knocked retired powerfulness to each of Cuba and was beardown capable to disrupt powerfulness to much than 100,000 radical connected Florida's Gulf Coast connected Wednesday greeting earlier it adjacent made landfall. With that disruption comes a request for generators, but officials are informing radical to instrumentality other precautions to debar a perchance fatal situation.  

National Weather Service Director Ken Graham said during a property briefing connected Wednesday greeting that generators tin beryllium conscionable arsenic – if not much – unsafe than the effects of hurricanes.

"We've seen implicit the past mates of years successful immoderate of these large hurricanes, including Hurricane Laura that deed Louisiana, that determination were much fatalities afterwards associated with generators than determination was from akin tempest surge of 16 to 18 feet," helium said. 

FEMA provides update connected preparations for Hurricane Ian

WATCH LIVE: FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell and different bureau officials are sharing the latest updates connected preparations for Hurricane Ian arsenic it lashes retired connected Florida arsenic an "extremely dangerous" near-Category 5 storm.

Posted by CBS News connected Wednesday, September 28, 2022

2020's Hurricane Laura resulted successful the deaths of 15 people, including eight radical who died from c monoxide poisoning from their generator. 

Ahead of Hurricane Ian, which officials and agencies person described arsenic "extremely dangerous," the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reissued information parameters astir generators. 

"Using a generator tin termination you successful minutes," the committee warned. "Generator exhaust contains c monoxide. This is simply a poison you cannot spot oregon smell." 

To forestall a abrupt decease amid the storm, the committee said that generators should ne'er beryllium utilized wrong a location oregon garage, adjacent if windows and doors are open. The devices should lone beryllium utilized extracurricular the home, 20 feet distant from windows, doors and vents. The exhaust from the generator should besides beryllium pointed distant from the home. They besides urge that radical who are utilizing generators marque definite that their c monoxide alarms are working. 

"We person seen radical past storms conscionable to dice from c monoxide poisoning from their portable generator," the committee tweeted. "These deaths are tragic and preventable. Please usage your generators safely – outdoors." 

Florida: If you suffer powerfulness owed to #HurricaneIan and are utilizing a portable generator, marque definite it is outdoors - astatine slightest 20ft distant from your home. One portable generator tin nutrient arsenic overmuch c monoxide arsenic hundreds of cars #FLwx

— US Consumer Product Safety Commission (@USCPSC) September 28, 2022

Generator information is peculiarly important during Ian successful galore areas of Florida wherever exigency responders volition not beryllium capable to assistance until the astir unsafe aspects of the tempest person passed. Such is the lawsuit successful Manatee County, which announced earlier noon connected Wednesday that the authorities and archetypal responders were "locked down." Charlotte County Fire and Emergency services were besides suspended. 

"Emergency effect volition not beryllium disposable until the tempest subsides," Manatee County Government tweeted.

That region unsocial is expecting "exceptional rainfall" of up to 13 inches implicit the adjacent 24 hours, according to County Administrator Scott Hopes. There were astir 3,000 powerfulness outages successful the region Wednesday morning. 

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