Gemini Report Shows Women Lagging Behind Men in Web3 Investments

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There is simply a large quality betwixt antheral and pistillate Web3 investors, according to a study from cryptocurrency marketplace Gemini. - 2022-04-27T173548.109.jpg

The study showed that women marque up lone 26% of Web3 investors; and 15% of bitcoin investors, adjacent though a 2021 survey by the idiosyncratic indebtedness institution Stilt showed that 94% of radical who ain crypto are millennials oregon Generation Z.

The Web3 assemblage has witnessed maturation opportunities with the popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which person surpassed $22 cardinal successful the planetary marketplace since past year, DappRadar's study showed.

However, a study from BTC Markets showed that the cryptocurrency marketplace is witnessing an summation successful women users.

The Australian bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange said that it saw a 175% summation successful women users past fiscal year. The percent dwarfed the 80% summation it saw successful antheral users, the study stated.

Compared to the $2,060 mean deposits from men, women made larger archetypal deposits of an mean of $2,381, according to the report. But portfolio sizes for women were somewhat lesser than men by astir $400 connected average.

The study besides suggested that women followed a "structured trading strategy with a smaller scope of much focused positions" arsenic they traded less times a day. It added that women traded 2 times a time connected mean arsenic compared to 5 by men.

The study stated that women are besides much risk-averse than men successful fiscal studies.

While different study from Gemini showed an summation successful crypto investments among women successful the Asia Pacific portion and exponential maturation of crypto adoption successful the UK successful 2021.

According to the report, astir 2 successful 5 crypto owners successful Singapore (40%) and India (38%) are women. However, Australia trails behind, with lone 27% of crypto owners being women, but it is expected to increase.

While 37% oregon much than one-third of crypto owners successful Hong Kong are women, the percent is higher than successful the United States (32%) and the United Kingdom (35%); however, 51% oregon much than fractional of crypto owners successful Indonesia are women.

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