Gabrielle Union Proves She's Not Afraid Of a Wardrobe Malfunction With Risqué Cut-Out Dress

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Gabrielle Union dsiplayed her toned fig successful an highly cut-out formal that could've caused a nip gaffe with the slightest movement. See the daring plan below.

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Gabrielle Union is breakin' each the (style) rules.

The Bring It On alum showcased her incredibly toned figure successful a sizzling kiwi green-colored formal that featured the astir utmost chopped outs successful the décolletage area.

In fact, the floor-length plan by Kwame Adusei was truthful risqué that 1 abrupt question could've caused a wardrobe malfunction. But from the looks of Gabrielle's fiery and seductive photoshoot—shot by lensman April Johnston—she proved that she wasn't acrophobic of a imaginable nip slip.

As for the formal itself, the hot number was held unneurotic by a drawstring that wrapped criss-cross on the A-lister's thorax and stomach, portion the remainder of the curve-hugging material draped down.

"Alien Guest Star. Hoping to beryllium bumped up to bid regular," Gabrielle captioned her Instagram, adding successful a abstracted post, "BTS from the spaceship."

The Breakin' All the Rules actress played Beyoncé's caller song, "I'm That Girl," for her sexy video, cheekily writing, "40-FINE."

Thomas Christos Kikis styled Gabrielle, portion constitution creator Renny Vasquez and hairstylist Larry Sims added the last touches to her glam.

April Johnston / April Belle Photos

This is conscionable 1 of Gabrielle's galore fabulous manner moments successful caller years.

She previously told E! News astir her head-turning Iris van Herpen gown at the 2021 Met Gala, a visually stunning achromatic garment with much than 10,000 spheres made from a special cloth resembling liquid.

"It's each astir change," Gabrielle said during a red carpet interrogation with Live From E! last September. "What's needed successful America, what's needed successful fashion, and with each step, this formal changes and you spot antithetic colors. You spot antithetic textures and that's what it should beryllium each about."

"It's each astir catching up and hanging retired and having fun," she added. "But truly trying to admit each different and amusement emotion to these astonishing designers."

April Johnston / April Belle Photos

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