G Flip Reveals Whether They Want Kids After Debuting Chrishell Stause Romance

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See Chrishell Stause arsenic a Video Vixen successful G Flip's Get Me Outta Here

G Flip volition 1 time beryllium successful the marketplace to grow their family.

The Australian singer—who precocious struck up a romance with Selling Sunset's Chrishell Stause—reflected connected wanting to rise a family.

"I decidedly spot children successful my future," G Flip shared portion connected the May 13 occurrence of the People Every Day podcast. "Right now, maine and Chrishell cognize wherever we are successful the stages of our lives. And we're precise transparent astir that."

G Flip, 27, went connected to stock that they person "always loved kids" and galore years of their vocation were spent teaching.

"I emotion children," the creator said. "I was a euphony teacher for years earlier I became a league drummer and past a solo artist."

When it comes to timing, G Flip lone said it volition beryllium "in the future."

And portion having kids whitethorn beryllium thing saved for the later, G Flip gushed implicit Chrishell's beingness successful their beingness today—something they consciousness volition past "forever."

"I'm precise fortunate to person her successful my life," they said. "We some consciousness similar we'll beryllium successful each other's beingness forever. We person similar a precise beardown transportation that you don't find each day."

Earlier this month, Chrishell confirmed her romance with G Flip during the first-ever Selling Sunset reunion.

"I precocious person been spending a batch of clip with idiosyncratic that's precise important to me," Chrishell said astatine the time. "Their sanction is G Flip. They're non-binary, truthful they spell by they/them. And they are an highly talented musician."

Her caller romance comes 5 months aft she and Jason Oppenheim went their abstracted ways in December owed to their differing viewpoints connected having children together. "I precise overmuch anticipation to 1 time person a household and decisions I marque astatine this constituent are with that extremity successful mind," she said astatine the time. "Men person the luxury of clip that women don't and that's conscionable the mode it goes."


On May 10, Chrishell took to Instagram with a four-minute video to not lone code her transportation with G Flip, but to besides interaction connected wherever she and Jason basal aft their split.

"Jason and I genuinely privation the champion for each other," she said, aboriginal adding, "I cognize he's surviving his champion beingness and I privation that for him." 

Both Jason and G Flip rallied down Chrishell successful the remark conception of her post. G Flip showed enactment by writing, "Well said beautiful." And Jason chimed in, adding, "Such a beauteous video."

Watch a marque caller occurrence of Nightly Pop Monday done Thursday astatine 11:30 p.m., lone connected E!