Frank Lampard earns Diego Simeone comparisons during Everton’s clash with Liverpool

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By Conor Laird Published: April 24, 2022 5:46 pm
Last Updated: April 24, 2022 7:30 pm

Frank Lampard earns Diego Simeone comparisons during Everton’s clash with Liverpool

Viewers of the clash betwixt Liverpool and Everton person flooded to societal media connected Sunday evening, to gully comparisons betwixt Toffees brag Frank Lampard, and 1 of European football’s astir infamous tacticians.

The latest variation of the Merseyside Derby is of people presently successful the process of playing retired astatine Anfield.

Amid a important clash astatine some ends of the Premier League table, it should truthful travel arsenic small astonishment to perceive that the enactment has proven of an altogether fiery quality frankincense far.

Goalscoring chances, successful truth, person been fewer and acold between.

But play has nevertheless flowed throughout, with dives, crunching challenges, subordinate scuffles and adjacent a back-and-forth betwixt the 2 managers having dominated the first-half headlines.

🗣️ “Honestly, GET UP.”

It’s each kicking disconnected successful the Merseyside Derby #LIVEVE |🔴🔵

— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) April 24, 2022

Central to specified fracas, altogether unsurprisingly, person been Everton’s stars.

Having evidently travel to the decision that they would not beryllium capable to vie with their Liverpool counterparts from a purely footballing perspective, the Blues person done a good occupation of eliminating immoderate signifier of travel from the clash, by means of the game’s ‘dark arts’.

‘Channeling his interior Simeone’

And specified antics, arsenic alluded to above, person since culminated successful comparisons being drawn betwixt Frank Lampard and nary different than the maestro of the acheronian arts, Atletico Madrid brag Diego Simeone:

This is implicit carnage, Lampard has decidedly been connected the telephone to Simeone the past fewer days

— James. (@afcjxmes) April 24, 2022

It seems Lampard has seen Simeone for immoderate antiaircraft tactics, 45mins and “world class” similar Mane, Salah and Jota has nary changeable connected people haha

— Bla Yaw✝🇬🇭 (@obrempong__) April 24, 2022

is lampard simeone successful disguise!

— wolfie (@wrichie1) April 24, 2022

this Lampard/Simeone ball💉💉💉

— Ayanda (@ayandasburner) April 24, 2022

Lampard is thing much than a Simeone regen

— Conorrrrr (@ConorIsTired) April 24, 2022

Lampard & Everton conscionable going afloat connected Diego Simeone & Atletico Madrid

— dogstronaut Nate (@NateWondzMan) April 24, 2022

Lampard chanelling his interior Simeone-Ball

— Hazim (@hazim_ajk) April 24, 2022

Diego Simeone and Frank Lampard implicit the weekend.

— Halal Raf-U (@rafiudabosss) April 24, 2022

Who had Frank Lampard down arsenic Our League’s Simeone?

— John Brewin (@JohnBrewin_) April 24, 2022

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