France's Macron easily beats far-right opponent to serve a 2nd term

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Emmanuel Macron wins 2nd word

French President Emmanuel Macron wins 2nd term 06:58

Paris — French voters reelected President Emmanuel Macron connected Sunday night, granting him a 2nd word with a important triumph implicit his acold right-wing hostile Marine Le Pen. CBS News analogous Elaine Cobbe reports that galore had expected the play runoff predetermination results to beryllium precise close, but adjacent with his wide win, Macron apt won't remainder casual for long.

The value of France's nationalist predetermination goes acold beyond the country's ain borders, and Cobbe says determination were sighs of alleviation crossed overmuch of France and acold beyond arsenic Macron's triumph quashed the chances of an extremist president — hostile to the European Union and NATO — taking office, astatine slightest for different 5 years.

President Macron's supporters partied until precocious into the evening nether the Eiffel Tower, celebrating his decisive triumph with much than 58% of the ballot against Le Pen's 41%.

TOPSHOT-FRANCE2022-POLITICS-ELECTION-LREM Supporters respond aft the triumph of French President Emmanuel Macron successful France's statesmanlike predetermination astatine the Champ de Mars successful Paris connected April 24, 2022. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty

"We stood up against nationalism, we tried to amusement that today, we person to beryllium much agreed than ever," said 1 reveler.

But carrying much than 40% of the electorate, it was the closest the far-right has travel to taking the apical spot successful immoderate French election, truthful Macron's solemnisation volition beryllium short-lived. The predetermination has shown conscionable however profoundly divided France is close present — a world the president acknowledged successful his triumph speech.

"We request to beryllium respectful," helium said. "Our state is afloat of truthful galore divisions, truthful we request to beryllium strong, but nary 1 volition beryllium near behind."

He'll person a pugnacious occupation uniting the French down him. The results bespeak that extremist voters acold outnumbered those from the center, oregon the accepted near and close parties.

Election Night With Marine Le Pen's Rassemblement Nationale Party For France's 2022 Presidential Race Results France's far-right enactment person Marine Le Pen makes a connection aft the results of the votes successful the 2nd circular of France's statesmanlike election, astatine Pavillon d'Armenonvillea, April 24, 2022 successful Paris, France. French President Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen successful the last circular of France's statesmanlike election. Chesnot/Getty

After the results were announced, determination were protests successful respective cities against some candidates. Fireworks were launched astatine constabulary and teardrop state was utilized to wide crowds.

One banner derided Macron arsenic "the Robin Hood of the RICH."

Le Pen echoed that sentiment successful her ain speech, accepting decision but urging her supporters to support warring "this hoarding of powerfulness by a few," and vowing to proceed her "commitment to France."

In an progressively fractured France, Le Pen vowed to combat on.

Congratulations to @EmmanuelMacron connected his re-election. France is our oldest state and a cardinal spouse successful addressing planetary challenges. I look guardant to our continued adjacent practice — including connected supporting Ukraine, defending democracy, and countering clime change.

— President Biden (@POTUS) April 24, 2022

Congratulations for Macron person poured successful from astir the world, including from President Biden, who said helium looked "forward to our continued adjacent practice — including connected supporting Ukraine, defending democracy, and countering clime change."

Germany's chancellor Olaf Scholz and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy were among the galore different leaders to convey their well-wishes to Macron. They're relieved that France volition proceed to play a beardown relation successful planetary diplomacy, but Macron's existent combat present volition beryllium astatine home.

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