Former attorney addresses accusations surrounding her for decades

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Catherine Shelton has been dogged by questions surrounding the deaths of assorted men successful her life. She has ne'er been charged with murder. The erstwhile defence lawyer has been trailed by allegations and headlines for decades. She's been called a murderer, a stalker, and a brainsick lawyer.

"People that truly cognize maine cognize that I'm not that mode … who could beryllium and unrecorded truthful long?" Shelton tells "48 Hours" contributor Jenna Jackson.  "I've ne'er killed anybody."

The interrogation is the culmination of a decades-long crippled of feline and rodent betwixt Jackson and Shelton.

In 2003, Jackson co-produced an variation of "48 Hours" connected Catherine Shelton. Jackson and a squad of ineligible experts reinvestigate galore of the allegations against Shelton. And determination are many. Starting successful the 1970s, 1 of Shelton's erstwhile boyfriends was bludgeoned to death, and different ex-boyfriend's flat was allegedly acceptable connected fire. A erstwhile lawsuit who authorities said accidentally hanged himself was recovered dormant and bare successful a location Shelton owned. She says she had thing to bash with immoderate of these incidents. She changeable different fellow successful the back. She admits to that but says it was self-defense. And there's more.

"If I had done a tenth of what has been said astir me, I'd beryllium dead, each right?" Shelton says.

"Murder accusations?" Shelton says later. "It's simply been radical throwing mud astatine the partition and hoping immoderate of it volition stick."

Shelton's communicative has go Jackson's obsession to find the truth.   

"I mean, bash I look similar I'm telling a big, abdominous whopper?" Shelton says with a laugh.


After years of playing a crippled of feline and rodent with Catherine Shelton, I've decided to conscionable up with her again and spot if she's been holding onto immoderate secrets.

Jenna Jackson "For years, I've been tangled up successful a bizarre crippled of feline and rodent with a pistillate named Catherine Shelton," says "48 Hours" contributor Jenna Jackson. CBS News

But earlier I bash that, I got immoderate help from a mates experts. They're some "48 Hours" consultants.

Lisa Andrews was a longtime prosecutor. She's present a defence attorney.

Lisa Andrews: To clasp idiosyncratic criminally liable for something, you person to beryllium capable to beryllium it. And frankincense acold nary 1 city, nary 1 agency, nary 1 has been capable to adjacent capable astir for an arrest. 

And Brian Benken, a proceedings lawyer and backstage investigator.

Brian Benken: There's nary question, from what we cognize astir her past anterior to this, that she's capable. You know, the question is, you know, what's the evidence?

The controversy surrounding Catherine Shelton started successful the precocious 70s.

Jenna Jackson: OK, truthful let's recap what we cognize truthful acold  … she comes connected the country arsenic a — arsenic a Houston transgression defence attorney. She's already got a reputation. She's connected to … her ex-boyfriend, who she had filed a communal instrumentality matrimony suit against.

Brian Benken: The 1 who did not amusement up for the tribunal quality for the suit that she filed. Who was recovered —

Jenna Jackson: Exactly—

Brian Benken: — beaten to decease successful his garage.

Jenna Jackson: And that is inactive unsolved. And we consciousness similar determination are truthful galore unanswered questions there.

Jenna Jackson: They each sorta spell successful a ellipse here. And past she is charged with shooting different ex-boyfriend, Gary Taylor, a newsman present successful Houston.

Brian Benken: Who she really got convicted for.

Jenna Jackson: And that's the lone happening she's ever been convicted of, right?

Brian Benken: Right.

Lisa Andrews: … and lone got probation.

Brian Benken: Right.

Tommy Bell Tommy Bell CBS News Archives

And, of course, determination was a 2nd decease we talked about. It was Tommy Bell.  He was named with Catherine successful a wrongful decease suit and was aboriginal recovered with a slug successful his head.  Investigators accidental Bell changeable himself playing Russian roulette. 

Catherine was ne'er implicated successful Bell's death, but it added to her estimation arsenic a pistillate with a past. And determination were different aged allegations of harassment, burglaries, and truthful distant that ne'er got to court.

But now, Let's determination to the adjacent section successful Catherine's life. 

Catherine and Clint Shelton Catherine and Clint Shelton. CBS News Archives

In 1981 Catherine near Houston and joined a small-town Texas lad named Clint Shelton.

His household owned a weapon store and helium happened to beryllium an adept marksman. Catherine told america what had attracted her to him erstwhile I started covering Catherine successful 2003.

CATHERINE SHELTON: He conscionable seemed similar a benignant of a antheral of the West-type person. 

Clint's dada Richard didn't attraction for Catherine.

RICHARD SHELTON (2003): She's intelligent. Don't deliberation she's not intelligent. And she's mean to spell with it. … She's a bitch—18 karat.

Catherine and Clint would aboriginal determination up to Dallas.

She yet convinced a justice to "set aside" her condemnation for shooting Gary Taylor.

After her probation was lifted successful 1988, she got her instrumentality licence backmost and opened a practice.

CATHERINE SHELTON (2003) : What I effort to bash is get justness for the radical who travel to me.

Things were comparatively quiescent for astir a decennary until a 3rd man's decease had a nexus to Catherine successful June 1999.

Lisa Andrews: So, let's speech astir the adjacent case. ... Chris Hansen.

Brian Benken: This— this is wherever the lawsuit kinda goes from atrocious to weird.

Chris Hansen was doing immoderate contracting enactment for Catherine successful her caller home. He was present successful the states from Canada. 

Chris Hansen Chris Hansen CBS News Archives

Brian Benken: It's our knowing that, you know, she was doing immoderate migration enactment for him.

Lisa Andrews: Mr. Hansen was recovered successful a location that she had yet to determination into, but it belonged to her. … recovered … by her husband, Clint Shelton.  

Hansen was recovered hanging successful a closet country of the home. He was naked.  According to paper reports astatine the clip …

Lisa Andrews:  It was ruled an mishap again. This time, alternatively of by Russian roulette, it was ruled mishap by autoerotic asphyxiation.

Jenna Jackson: In her house?

Lisa Andrews:  In her house.

Brian Benken: In her house.

Jenna Jackson: So, person you guys seen those kinda cases before

Brian Benken: Not in—

Lisa Andrews: They're not—

Brian Benken: — idiosyncratic else's house. 

Lisa Andrews: Right. I mean, they happen, but this is beauteous unusual.

Hansen's decease whitethorn person been unusual, but the adjacent 1 with a nexus to Catherine was close retired of a movie.


Jenna Jackson: So, we're backmost successful Dallas, she's moving arsenic a defence attorney. … respective months aft Chris Hansen's assemblage is recovered successful her house.

Lisa Andrews: And this is simply a truly large one. Sensational, newsworthy. Lots of media coverage, and a large woody successful Dallas.  

Brian Benken: So, this happened successful Rowlett, Texas.  And connected December the 20th, 1999, there's a 911 call:

CALLER:  Hello.

911 OPERATOR:  Hello.

CALLER: There's a woman laying connected my beforehand structure that's been changeable twice.

911 OPERATOR: Do you cognize who changeable her?

CALLER:  No, ma'am.

CALLER:  She's saying, "Please assistance me, delight assistance maine they're inactive chasing me." She's saying that determination down the mode her husband's been changeable .

The 911 caller didn't cognize who had changeable Marisa Hierro, but Marisa says she knew instantly who was involved: her aged brag Catherine Shelton.

Marisa had precocious discontinue moving for Catherine and had opened her ain migration consulting business. Catherine, she says, went ballistic. The 2 women soon began accusing each different of scamming their clients.

Marisa Hierro Marisa Hierro CBS News Archives

MARISA HIERRO: She was threatening me, she was screaming astatine me.

"48 Hours" spoke with Marisa successful 2003.

MARISA HIERRO: She's screaming, "You won't unrecorded to spot Christmas." I mean, she said it precisely similar that.

Catherine denies that she ever threatened Marisa. But Marisa says she was disquieted — she knew what happened to Chris Hansen, the antheral that had been recovered hanging successful a location Catherine owned. Marisa says she knew him and claims helium had a beef with Catherine. 

MARISA HIERRO: He called my bureau — astir 30 days earlier helium had passed. He had told maine that … she was taking, like, wealth from him. … I told him to spell to the police. He told maine helium was acrophobic to spell to the police, because, you know, helium wasn't a citizen. He had Canadian citizenship oregon something.

Marisa says Hansen had coiled up dormant not agelong after. His decease ruled an accident. Then, that December evening, each hellhole broke escaped for Marisa and her hubby Michael extracurricular their home.

MARISA HIERRO: We pulled astir to the backmost …

MARISA HIERRO: Mike's astir to get out. …  all of a sudden, helium conscionable snapped over. And helium grabbed my arm. And helium conscionable said "Oh no." … So, I look to spot what he's looking at. And he's telling me, "Just run," …  don't interest what you hear. Just — conscionable go. Run."

MARISA HIERRO: And — I could conscionable spot from, like, the cervix down. I couldn't spot immoderate face. … And I could spot idiosyncratic conscionable cocking, holding thing similar this. And I cognize present erstwhile I'm looking, it's — it's confirming successful my caput that this is idiosyncratic holding a gun.

MARISA HIERRO: It was the loudest dependable I'd ever heard, due to the fact that it was truthful close.

MARISA HIERRO: I mean, you deliberation astir it present and you deliberation helium should've ran him over, helium should've — helium should've done somethin' different. He shoulda pulled guardant and slammed into the garage. He should've lifted up the garage. He should've done thing different than get out. 

Marisa says she could spot 2 masked figures: 1 idiosyncratic with a gun, a man; the different a woman, petite with blonde hair.

MARISA HIERRO: I'm moving … I'm not adjacent reasoning that I tin adjacent get accelerated capable away. So, I stood and I conscionable — I ne'er forget, due to the fact that I saw — it's similar a occurrence leaving a gun. … And the lone happening I could deliberation of to do, I guess, was assistance up my hand.

MARISA HIERRO: I cognize erstwhile I was changeable and I landed forward, I landed look down. 

Marisa says arsenic the 2 masked figures stood implicit her, the pistillate was giving the shooter orders.  She says she recognized Catherine by her voice.

MARISA HIERRO: She said, "Don't beryllium a [expletive]," to him. She said, "I said bash it." … And helium told her, "I — I did. I changeable her." And present she said, "Do it again."

MARISA HIERRO: When helium argued and said, "I did it," I conscionable heard them, like, leave.

Marisa and Michael Hierro Marisa and Michael Hierro CBS News Archives

Marisa had been deed — buckshot from the blast tore into her limb and she was earnestly wounded. Her hubby Michael laic dormant successful the driveway.   

MARISA HIERRO: When the constabulary get connected the country the archetypal things I accidental … I say, "Catherine. Catherine Shelton." 

In spite of Marisa's witnesser account, Catherine was ne'er arrested. She had an alibi. Her lawyer says telephone records amusement that Catherine was talking connected her compartment telephone and past her location telephone with a person and her parent astatine the clip of the shooting.

But her hubby Clint was arrested and charged with execution and aggravated assault.

Police had recovered 2 latex gloves and a disguise made retired of pantyhose successful a Porta Potty connected a operation tract adjacent the execution scene. Clint's DNA was connected the mask.

Brian Benken: So galore radical person said, you know, Catherine has this quality to propulsion radical successful and to assistance her. So, Clint's been joined to her for respective years, you know, he's conscionable sucked into this. And, "Sure — sure, baby. I'll spell on with you and sprout your paralegal and her husband. Why not?" I mean —  

Lisa Andrews: That's conscionable unthinkable to me.

Brian Benken: That's kinda the mode it looks though.

And that's the mode it looked to the prosecutors arsenic well.

Belken, Jackson and Andrews Brian Benken, right, Jenna Jackson, center, and Lisa Andrews CBS News

Jenna Jackson: I sat done it 20 years ago. Sat done that full execution trial. The prosecutor's lawsuit was, "Clint did this, and whether Catherine was astatine the country oregon not, she orchestrated it."  He said that. That was his case. 

Brian Benken: It had to beryllium his lawsuit 'cause Clint had nary motive connected his ain to bash this —

Lisa Andrews: Right, Catherine had the —

Jenna Jackson: I hold —

Brian Benken: Catherine had the motive.

In 2000, Clint Shelton was recovered blameworthy and sentenced to beingness successful situation for gunning down the Hierros. We spoke to him a fewer years into his sentence.

CLINT SHELTON: I did not execution oregon effort to execution anyone. And I was not determination that night.

Catherine insisted neither of them had thing to bash with it.

CATHERINE SHELTON [2003]: I don't cognize thing astir it.

Marisa would aboriginal writer Catherine for wrongful death. The lawsuit was yet dropped.

CATHERINE SHELTON (2003): This started retired to beryllium a wrongful decease suit filed by Marisa against maine for sidesplitting her husband. It has turned into thing else.  

That's due to the fact that Catherine would past countersue, saying Marisa had falsely blamed her and her hubby Clint for the transgression and that each of her claims were untrue.

The proceedings was unusual. Marisa and her lawyer didn't amusement up. So, Catherine won by default.

The ruling? Marisa libeled Catherine by accusing her of murder. But Catherine was inactive acceptable to combat for damages.

CATHERINE SHELTON [testifying successful court]: And the worse happening she says successful here, this happening says, I'm a coward. … My begetter wasn't a coward. My parent wasn't a coward.

The justice seemed impressed.

JUDGE: I deliberation it was a precise well-tried case. Very good explained. Your arguments are good supported.

Guess what? The justice awarded Catherine millions of dollars successful damages.

CATHERINE SHELTON (2003): She needs to find a job. And we anticipation she'll enactment astatine it for astatine slightest 30 oregon 40 years due to the fact that that's however agelong it's going to instrumentality to wage for each this.

Catherine was aggravated astatine Marisa.  And arsenic I'm astir to archer you, she would besides go furious with me. I got a bodyguard.


In November 2003 I was a small concerned.  Catherine Shelton was aggravated with maine — precise angry.  Catherine's saga deed nationalist airwaves with our "48 Hours" report:

RICHARD SCHLESINGER | "48 Hours" correspondent: Do you wounded different people? 

CATHERINE SHELTON: Well, I don't mean to.

Jenna Jackson: I thought … she said each this connected camera, she had to cognize what the amusement was going to look like. There's each these bodies ... At the time, my brag astatine CBS was truly tense that Catherine would effort to termination me.  

So, my brag hired a bodyguard to travel maine around.

Jenna Jackson: Three months aft the amusement airs, Catherine calls my compartment phone, says, "Hey this is Catherine." I'm like, "Hey Catherine …" I get small butterflies successful my tummy astatine that point. And she's like, "I conscionable wanted to fto you cognize I earnestly considered sidesplitting you, but I decided not to. … And I was like, "OK, convey you …" Click!

Around 2012, I near the business, but arsenic it turns out, it hadn't near me. Catherine Shelton was ever determination successful the backmost of my mind. I recovered retired she had been disbarred since the past clip I saw her, but what other had she been up to? I wanted to speech to her again. So, successful 2016 I called her.

Not lone did she instrumentality my call, but she agreed to conscionable with maine again.

shelton-catherine-and-jenna-2016.jpg Jenna Jackson and Catherine Shelton successful 2006. CBS News

CATHERINE SHELTON: What clip is it? It's 11 o'clock. Too aboriginal for mimosas.

It was the commencement of a years-long, analyzable relationship.

CATHERINE SHELTON: … who americium I to justice someone's soul?

I person mixed feelings astir her. 

I find her smart, wily and astatine times…even funny.

But she gets precise superior erstwhile 1 peculiar taxable comes up.

CATHERINE SHELTON (2016): There's a antheral successful situation who doesn't merit to beryllium there. His sanction is Clint Shelton. 

All these years later, Catherine is inactive lasting by her man, adjacent arsenic Clint Shelton was serving retired his beingness condemnation for the execution of Michael Hierro.

CATHERINE SHELTON (2016): And everybody who knows him … knows that it's not him 'cause it's impossible. 

Jenna Jackson Producer Jenna Jackson successful her attic, going done the files connected Catherine Shelton. P+R Creative Group

Catherine was determined to exonerate Clint. My curiosity was piqued. I was capable to get my hands connected hundreds of pages of constabulary reports that we didn't person entree to erstwhile we primitively covered this story. Over the adjacent fewer years, I went done them whenever I had the accidental to spot if determination was thing that had been missed.  The squad besides took a look. 

Lisa Andrews: I deliberation everyone would hold helium did not person a motive.

In the end, it seemed that the champion accidental Clint Shelton had to assistance himself was Catherine.        

Jenna Jackson: Tell maine from your acquisition … if you're defending him, what's our champion lawsuit to say, "Clint didn't bash this, it makes nary sense?"

Lisa Andrews: You marque this lawsuit astir Catherine Shelton…

Lisa says the easiest mode to get Clint disconnected the hook would beryllium for him to blasted Catherine.

Lisa Andrews: You speech astir each the brainsick deaths … earlier helium ever met her. … And past you overgarment her arsenic this psycho who gets huffy and lashes retired successful anger.

But that hasn't happened. Clint has ne'er adjacent suggested Catherine had thing to bash with the shooting.

Catherine Shelton (2016): He's been successful the penitentiary … without thing … due to the fact that helium wouldn't bash what they wanted him to do, the authoritative and the — and the state.

Jenna Jackson: Which was?

Catherine Shelton (2016): Which was, uh, springiness maine up.

And Catherine inactive swears she wasn't liable for the shooting either. But for the archetypal clip she shared that she had doubts.

Catherine Shelton (2016): At 1 constituent I thought, well, possibly I did bash it. Maybe I blacked retired and did it … And I talked to the scientist who worked with my clients, and I said, "Look … I support feeling similar truthful galore radical can't beryllium wrong," and helium said, " It's impossible. I was talking to you, like, erstwhile it was happening connected the phone."

So, who does Catherine judge was down the ambush plot? Marisa Hierro.

CATHERINE SHELTON (2016): She was straight responsible. Even if she did not herself propulsion the trigger. … she made it happen.

It's an accusation she's made before. Catherine says Marisa had been moving an migration scam – fundamentally taking wealth from immigrants who wanted greenish cards. Attorneys who represented immoderate of Marisa's erstwhile clients told america she did small oregon thing for the wealth they paid her. Catherine says Marisa's hubby was astir to rat her out.

Catherine Shelton Catherine Shelton with Jenna Jackson successful 2016. CBS News

CATHERINE SHELTON (2016): I cognize Michael was inconvenient to her …  maybe she thought if she got escaped of him, that she was truly conscionable going places and helium knew excessively much.

We couldn't find Marisa today, but astatine the clip erstwhile we asked her astir these allegations she denied them. And she besides denied Catherine's accusation that she was the 1 who acceptable up her husband's murder.

MARISA HIERRO (2003): Have I ever done the champion happening successful life, said the close thing, made the champion choices? No. But person I ever wounded anyone? No. Would I ever wounded Michael? Never. [cries] Never.

But Catherine says she's got 1 much crushed Clint couldn't person been the shooter: the gun.

Jenna Jackson: That is simply a beauteous almighty weapon.

Tony Leal: It is. It's a scary weapon. It's not a harmless weapon.

Tony Leal: The limb that was utilized astatine the transgression country connected that nighttime was a sawed-off shotgun, 12-gauge. They usage buckshot.

Tony Leal is simply a erstwhile main of the Texas Rangers. He knows guns.

Tony Leal: A shotgun is made to dispersed respective projectiles truthful that erstwhile it shoots, it goes retired the beforehand of that tube and steadily increases its width.

Tony Leal: So, erstwhile you're not experienced successful weapons, a shotgun is simply a precise bully limb … You don't person to cognize however to truly sprout a gun.

CATHERINE SHELTON (2016): He had probably, astatine 1 point, 200 guns. … and helium was conscionable a very, precise bully shot.

Catherine says her hubby was a marksman and a weapon expert. He would ne'er usage a crude limb similar that.

CATHERINE SHELTON (2016): The limb … was thing similar what Mr. Shelton would person utilized if helium was going to sprout anything.

But Leal says Catherine's statement cuts some ways.

Tony Leal:  But if I was readying a execution that I wanted to get distant with … we request to marque this look similar we didn't bash it. …  to propulsion disconnected investigators. It's not a atrocious plan.

We spoke to the erstwhile authoritative connected the case, Toby Shook, who is present a defence attorney. He says Clint Shelton is precisely wherever helium belongs, and that Catherine is inactive considered a idiosyncratic of involvement successful the shootings. He besides says helium doesn't judge Marisa Hierro had thing to bash with her husband's murder. 

Clint Shelton Clint Shelton was arrested and charged with execution and aggravated assault. He was recovered blameworthy and sentenced to beingness successful situation for shooting the Hierros. "48 Hours" spoke to him a fewer years into his sentence. CBS News

Catherine's efforts to escaped Clint look similar a agelong changeable but since she is talking to maine again, I wonder, volition she speech astir different cases?

Jenna Jackson (reading to Catherine): We've got arson accusations, execution accusations, beating, shooting, theft. And who knows what else?

What astir Gary Taylor?  The ex-boyfriend she changeable successful the back.

Catherine Shelton: He said, "You know, you and I would some beryllium amended disconnected dead." And I thought, "well possibly you," you know, "but not me." 


Jenna Jackson [driving]: Here we go. On our mode to prime up Catherine for an interview. … We volition spot however it goes. You ne'er tin tell. It's ever an adventure.

After our reunion successful 2016, I met up with Catherine a fewer much times and she told maine bits and pieces astir the allegations against her, but I felt similar she was holding back.

CATHERINE SHELTON: You know, I mean however could I cognize that?

But now, successful 2022, she told maine she has much to say.

Cameraman: What bash you deliberation she's acceptable to speech about? 

Jenna Jackson: I deliberation she wants to acceptable the grounds consecutive … And close immoderate things that've been said astir her for, god, 30 positive years now.

And aft reexamining this lawsuit truthful carefully, I deliberation I'm acceptable to look her again too. I thought I'd commencement by asking her astir a antheral she's ne'er wanted to speech overmuch astir — a antheral she erstwhile cuttingly described arsenic an "oyster."

Jenna Jackson: I cognize you retrieve this 'cause you had to perceive astir it for years and years. 

Catherine Shelton: Yes.

Jenna Jackson: Remember the nighttime that everything went down with Gary Taylor? I wanna locomotion you done what helium says happened, and I privation you to archer maine what happened. OK?

Catherine Shelton: All right.

Gary Taylor is that paper newsman who told america astir his torrid narration with Catherine that ended successful an disfigured breakup. Amongst different things, Taylor accused Catherine of burglarizing his apartment. Catherine did not admit work for the burglary but according to Taylor she did connection to assistance get his belongings back. When Taylor went to her location what helium got alternatively was a slug successful his back.

In 2003, Taylor walked america done what helium says happened that nighttime with Catherine.

GARY TAYLOR:  She insisted that I travel implicit to her spot and that she would person the stolen goods delivered implicit there.

After helium got there, helium says Catherine told him determination was thing for him successful her chamber closet.

GARY TAYLOR: I looked successful the closet and it was empty. I went successful to marque sure.

GARY TAYLOR: As soon arsenic I got successful the closet, the lights went out. … And I heard a weapon click.

GARY TAYLOR: I knew she was retired there.

Taylor says helium looked done the ace wherever the doorway hinges were, and determination was Catherine.

GARY TAYLOR: And she stepped into the bedroom, and she backed up against a partition and she took a policeman's position, similar this (demonstrates), with the pistol, pointed astatine the closet. Now I had the doorway betwixt us.                         

GARY TAYLOR: Now she looked antithetic than I'd ever seen her. … this was a caller Catherine. … and she started— talkin' to maine …

GARY TAYLOR: She said … "Don't interest astir the adjacent beingness due to the fact that determination isn't one."

GARY TAYLOR: And she looked down astatine the weapon … and that's erstwhile I … made my move. And I kicked unfastened the door, I grabbed the chair. I went consecutive astatine her with the seat similar a lion tamer oregon somethin'. 

Gary Taylor grounds  The seat Gary Taylor utilized during the altercation astatine Catherine Shelton's home. Trail evidence

GARY TAYLOR: She fired disconnected a circular … the slug came done the chair, and … nicked maine close supra the ear, close here. And I threw the seat astatine her.

GARY TAYLOR: I ran down the hallway …

Catherine Shelton: OK, good his mentation of what happened is bull----.

Catherine denies adjacent dating Taylor and claims helium was lone astir due to the fact that helium was penning a communicative astir her hoping to revive his career.

Catherine Shelton: I had quality for that boy. I did person immoderate passionate thoughts astir someone, but it definite wasn't him.

What Catherine told maine was that aft a nighttime retired drinking, Taylor went to her location for a nightcap. She says Taylor made himself a portion successful the room and past came backmost into the surviving country holding 1 of her guns.

Catherine Shelton: I said, "that's not loaded." And helium says, "it is now."

Catherine says she tried to divert Taylor toward her chamber closet.

Catherine Shelton: I said, "those things that you privation … they're successful the closet up connected the apical shelf." … I thought I could benignant of spell astir him, but no. He has maine spell successful beforehand of him backmost to the room.

Catherine Shelton And helium reaches for this woody seat to propulsion it implicit to get up, you know, it was 9 feet. … and I thought, "Now is your lone chance."

Catherine Shelton: And I knew I had different weapon nether the furniture … I conscionable started saying, "Oh delight Gary, don't termination me."  And I went down connected my knees, you know, similar this [bends her knees]. It was happening contemporaneous with him moving the chair.  I reached under, pulled it out, stood up, turned and changeable him. Like this. With 1 manus due to the fact that that's however I shoot. With 1 manus (laughs). Not similar this, but crook your assemblage to the broadside and shoot. As adjacent arsenic you can.

Jenna Jackson: What happened then?

Catherine Shelton: He lifted the seat astatine the aforesaid clip … The seat is past rocketed retired crossed the country … due to the fact that I changeable done the chair. And the slug bounced disconnected his caput … And helium yelled, turned and ran … And I kept shooting … I changeable him retired the door!

Jenna Jackson: You chased him retired the door?

Catherine Shelton: Yeah. … And the 2nd changeable deed him successful the back.

shelton-taylor-injury.jpg Gary Taylor was changeable successful the backmost by Catherine Shelton. She says it was successful self-defense.. Trial evidence

GARY TAYLOR (2003): She blew maine retired done the doorway and— I was layin' face-down connected the writer extracurricular of her place. … And I was truthful pissed off.

Jenna Jackson: He says that came 2 centimeters adjacent to his heart. He astir died –

Catherine Shelton:  It didn't adjacent penetrate the assemblage cavity each right? … It was successful the brushed insubstantial of his back. The abdominous muscle. … He was treated and released rapidly from Ben Taub Hospital that night.

Catherine insists that she changeable him successful self-defense. By the way, her assertion that Gary pointed a weapon astatine her was 1 she had made earlier astatine trial. 

We spoke to Taylor precocious and helium denies that helium held a weapon connected Catherine and says he's definite Catherine meant to termination him that night.

So, Catherine has told america her broadside of what happened with Gary Taylor that night, but what astir each the different rumors and accusations successful her life?

Jenna Jackson: I've known a batch of transgression defence attorneys and not each of them person this way … of successful their aftermath that they've been accused of, right?

And she'll besides person to explicate the astir caller decease she has a nexus to … a 5th one.

Catherine Shelton: Why would I person killed him?


It's truthful hard to propulsion Catherine into focus. Is she bushed of the accusations that person swirled around her for decades?

Catherine Shelton: People who truly cognize maine cognize me, they cognize I'm not that way. I mean, who could beryllium and — and unrecorded truthful long?  

Or is portion of her amused by each the attention? 

Jenna Jackson (hearing sirens outside): Yup, I perceive 'em. The sirens successful the background.

Catherine Shelton: They're present for me.

Jenna Jackson: (laughs) They recovered you.

Catherine Shelton: They yet located me. It's taken them 40 years. 

Catherine Shelton Jenna Jackson and Catherine Shelton successful 2022. CBS News

Jenna Jackson: So, for 40 years, determination person been immoderate beauteous brainsick accusations thrown astatine you. Some—

Catherine Shelton: Yes — a few.

Jenna Jackson: — cases linked to you. Murder—

Catherine Shelton: You mean that I knew the people? Yes.

Jenna Jackson: Arson, murder, fraud.

Catherine Shelton: Burning, robbery, wide mayhem.

Jenna Jackson: So why? Why are each these things being said astir you each which mode you go? I mean, person you done each these things?

Catherine Shelton: If I had done a tenth of what I — has been said astir me, I'd beryllium dead, each right?

Jenna Jackson: Have you ever murdered anyone?

Catherine Shelton: I — execution accusations? … It's simply been radical throwing mud astatine the partition and hoping immoderate of it volition stick.

Remember, Catherine was ne'er charged with execution but she has links to 2 men who met a convulsive end. The archetypal antheral was that ex-boyfriend, Dr. George Tedesco, recovered bludgeoned to decease successful his store connected the time helium was expected to spell to tribunal successful a quality with Catherine.

The different antheral was Michael Hierro, changeable to decease successful his driveway. His wife, who was besides changeable and survived, had been successful a quality with Catherine arsenic well. 

Catherine Shelton: Myself, I person ne'er killed immoderate quality being … I person ne'er — paid anyone to termination immoderate quality being, promised anyone that I would wage them to termination different quality being, offered anyone thing of value.

As for those different mysterious deaths, determination was Tommy Bell, the antheral who was named with her successful a wrongful decease suit.

Catherine Shelton: He had killed himself— oregon changeable himself portion playing Russian roulette, watching a Clint Eastwood movie. 

She inactive denies that she had thing to bash with it, but she did look skeptical astir the Russian roulette story.

Catherine Shelton: Be kinda hard to envision idiosyncratic … harming themself, that took attraction of their body, you know, and their nutrition.

And she besides told america she doesn't cognize thing astir Chris Hansen's death. He was the contractor who turned up dormant and bare successful a location she owned.

But wherefore bash these rumors travel her around? Catherine thinks the crushed whitethorn beryllium due to the fact that she was ever known for being a unit to beryllium reckoned with.

Catherine Shelton: I had somewhat of a way grounds of "If you deed maine once, I'll deed you twice." You know. I was taught to instrumentality up for myself. And I did.

George Tedesco George Tedesc was an ex-boyfriend of Catherine Shelton. CBS News Archives

But that reputation, she says, took connected a beingness of its ain aft the Tedesco murder. Catherine says she utilized it to physique her legend.

Catherine Shelton: I played disconnected a batch of that. And — aft the archetypal incidence — of the outrage of, similar — George Tedesco — radical would, you know, sometimes look astatine me.  And I thought, "Well, I'll conscionable usage this to my advantage," you know? And so, if I'd, like, you know, look astatine them oregon thing similar that oregon — you know, I'd spot that they'd spell crazy, you know, oregon something.

Jenna Jackson: So, you played it up?

Catherine Shelton: Yeah, I did.

Although Catherine insists she ne'er murdered anyone, she does admit to immoderate unit erstwhile she needed to support herself.

Jenna Jackson: But you person done immoderate — immoderate convulsive things.

Catherine Shelton: Oh yes. And I — I would — if idiosyncratic enactment their hands connected me.

Catherine, however, says that she's softened with property … astatine slightest a little.

Catherine Shelton: It utilized to beryllium you'll lone bash that once.  (sighs) Now — I'm trying to beryllium — you know, travel Jesus and everything a small better. I'm a Catholic. And truthful present the regularisation is, each right, you person to bash it twice, but past I'll bushed the crap retired of you.

Catherine says she wants to enactment her past down her. But determination is present a caller decease with a nexus to her.

The latest lawsuit was that of a 70-year-old antheral named Sam Shelton—no narration to Catherine.

He was ill, she says, and successful 2017 helium was surviving successful her house.

Catherine Shelton: … helium was successful beauteous atrocious shape. He was connected oxygen, you know? You know, I mean— a batch of oxygen. A batch of oxygen. He couldn't adjacent determination without a tank, a large vessel with him.

Catherine says she took him due to the fact that helium was a seasoned and had nary household around. He didn't past long. 

Catherine Shelton: He lived for — let's see. After I met him successful — successful March oregon April, let's see. I person to number connected my fingers today. May, June, July, August, September— August. He died successful August. He lone lived 5 months. And helium might've lived a small longer, but the storm.

That tempest was Hurricane Harvey. It came blasting done Houston that August.  Catherine says Sam died of earthy causes during the storm. There was obscurity to instrumentality him.

Catherine Shelton: And I tried to wrapper him up successful blankets. … And I thought astatine slightest present it's cold, you know? And – and — helium whitethorn person to enactment present with maine successful the house, you know, till they tin travel and get him. So, I didn't cognize what other to do.

But it's what Catherine did adjacent that got her successful trouble. She signed his sanction connected a lease exertion aft helium was dormant to effort and rent a house. She got caught.

Catherine Shelton: The DA's Office didn't wanna instrumentality it astatine first. And past they said, "Well, it's lone a misdemeanor."

Catherine Shelton: And um —

Jenna Jackson: (reading) Fraudulent usage of identifying information. Felony.

FRAUD DOC SCREENGRAB – recognition needed

Bottom line: Catherine is presently charged with a felony and she's facing trial. She could adjacent spell situation for up to 10 years.

Catherine Shelton: I'm not going to prison. I haven't done thing wrong.

Jenna Jackson: But however are you truthful sure? You're facing this lawsuit close now. It's pending —

Catherine Shelton: Well, I can't —

Jenna Jackson: — arsenic we beryllium present —

Catherine Shelton: — springiness distant my — my defense. … I mean, it's not a bully lawsuit for a prosecutor. It's — it's pretty—it — it's not a bladed case. It's a lawsuit that can't beryllium proven.

Catherine Shelton Catherine Shelton during a 2022 interrogation with "48 Hours." CBS News

Catherine says she has a crushed for signing the dormant man's sanction connected that document. She says she was conscionable trying to get a caller location for the aged man's caregiver and her family. According to Catherine, they'd mislaid their location successful the storm.

It's truthful hard to benignant this each out. And aft each this, I inactive can't marque up my caput astir her. 

Jenna Jackson: How would you … picture your life?

Catherine Shelton: Well, I surely ne'er expected it to beryllium however it was. … actually, I would similar to person been a librarian. That — that was what I truly wanted to do.

Jenna Jackson: Has your beingness turned retired similar you thought it would.

Catherine Shelton: Well, no. I haven't been a librarian. So, it didn't enactment out.

Catherine Shelton: I'm who I am, period. … And that's conscionable however the cards are dealt. … you've got to … play the manus you're dealt. And with a fewer moans and groans and, you know, m — missed moves, I've played the manus I was dealt.

Jenna Jackson: Do you person thing to confess? Have you told america the information astir everything?

Catherine Shelton: Anything that I've had to confess, I've confessed successful the past. It's done. The confession is done. 

Jenna Jackson: But nary murder?

Catherine Shelton: I haven't — not yet, I haven't (laughs). So anyway, you ne'er know.

Catherine's fraud proceedings is presently scheduled for this summer.

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