Foreign fighters risk their lives near frontlines in Ukraine

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U.S. Marine seasoned Joshua Cooper was harmless and dependable astatine his location successful Alaska erstwhile helium decided helium had to spell to Ukraine to fight. 

"It's thing that I've experienced before. It's a antithetic benignant of war," Cooper told CBS News. 

Cooper, who fought successful the Iraq War, says this warfare is antithetic from the past 1 helium served successful due to the fact that the broadside he's warring for is outgunned.

"I expect that we volition enactment a hurting connected the Russians and hopefully deter them from advancing," Cooper said of what helium expects successful the days and weeks ahead. "Putin is picking a combat with a foe that isn't capable to combat them without the assistance of NATO and of different countries. And radical privation to basal up and fight." 

Former Royal Air Force serviceman Jordan Davis near a 5-year-old girl backmost location successful the U.K.

"It is simply a precise pugnacious call," Davis told CBS News. "I don't cognize precisely wherefore I chose to permission her. I conscionable knew that determination was a calling bigger than thing I could rationalize to beryllium here." 

Cooper and Davis are warring alongside Ukrainian forces who person been battling a Russian violative successful the Donbas region. The territory westbound of Popasna, a metropolis described arsenic "flattened" and surrounded connected 3 sides by Russian troops, is the latest frontier against a fierce Russian violative closing successful fast. 

Special forces battalion commandant Ihor Lapin told CBS News his men person faced a barrage of long-range artillery and mortars. Ukrainian forces said that without much weapons, parts of the portion volition autumn wrong a week. 

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