Ford tells dealers not to sell F-150 Lightning demo vehicles too quickly or they will face fines

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Ford is letting its dealers cognize that they shouldn’t unreserved successful to merchantability their F-150 Lightning demo units – adjacent though the request is precocious – oregon they volition look immoderate repercussions.

The request for the F-150 Lightning is highly strong.

Ford received astir 200,000 reservations, and they adjacent stopped taking them due to the fact that it represented much than a twelvemonth of planned production. Part of the entreaty is the terms of the electrical pickup truck, but the last terms is ever determined betwixt the purchaser and the dealership.

As we antecedently reported, immoderate Ford dealers were taking vantage of the beardown request for F-150 Lightning and marking it up by up to $30,000.

Ford has warned dealers who are taking vantage of the situation, but there’s not overmuch they tin bash erstwhile it comes to the last prices. One of the automaker’s main limb is to bounds aboriginal allocations, which are already constricted if until it tin ramp up accumulation of the electrical pickup truck.

Now, the automaker is adjacent informing dealers who would beryllium tempted to compartment their demo units (FCTP Mannequin unit).

Ford wrote successful a connection to dealerships shared connected the F-150 Lightning Forum:

Dealers receiving a 22MY F-150 Lightning Mannequin portion volition statesman taking transportation mid-May 2022. Assigned Mannequin units volition beryllium built and shipped successful phases based connected commodity availability. Not each F-150 Lightning Mannequin units volition beryllium shipped astatine the aforesaid time.

Then the automaker warned astir selling those units:

The merchantability of immoderate F-150 Lightning FCTP Mannequin portion to a last lawsuit anterior to gathering each in-service requirements volition effect successful a punishment of $25,000, unless the FCTP Mannequin portion tin beryllium replaced with different F-150 Lightning wrong 90 days. It volition besides effect successful the portion being ineligible for immoderate retail bonus currency incentives and chargeback of immoderate FCTP 3-60/90/120 Day incentives and volition effect successful trader ineligibility for aboriginal FCTP Mannequin programs.

This should let much radical the accidental to spell and spot the F-150 Lightning successful idiosyncratic astatine those dealers and adjacent effort it successful immoderate cases.

However, taking 1 location should beryllium hard for the adjacent year, arsenic Ford works done its backlog of reservations. Full PDF disposable below.

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