Ford has already delivered F-150 Lightning trucks to customers in all 50 states

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Lightning strikes rapidly and often it would seem. According to quality from Ford Motor Company this morning, customers successful each 50 states person received F-150 Lightning pickups conscionable 2 months aft deliveries began. Here are a fewer of those customers’ stories.

The Ford F-150 Lightning is the archetypal all-electric pickup from the bluish oval marque and has the makings of being a crippled changer successful EV adoption, peculiarly successful the United States wherever the F-Series is the long-running champion successful trucks.

First Lightning deliveries began this past May and aboriginal lawsuit feedback has been encouraging. Now that those fortunate aboriginal customers person had a accidental to research each the Ford F-150 Lightning has to offer, they person documented immoderate of their clip with the electrical pickup successful action.

This morning, Ford announced that it has enactment a bluish pin successful each and each authorities connected its bureau map, marking F-150 Lightning deliveries successful each 50 US territories.

Alongside quality of its nationwide deliveries of the F-150 Lightning, Ford highlighted immoderate of its early motortruck customers scattered astir the US, including Hawaii and Maryland.

This includes Emre and Nadine Gol and the caller Lariat they usage for their remodeling concern successful Texas – the authorities that has seen the highest fig of Lightning deliveries to date. Emre shared his acquisition truthful far:

This motortruck is simply a workhorse. We person driven much than 3,000 miles already and towed and carried hundreds of pounds of factual successful the frunk.

In Alaska, Jeff and Tammy Head person been utilizing their F-150 Lightning to tow their vessel from Anchorage astir 3 hours to the Kenai River to spell salmon fishing. More than anything, these perspectives supply grounds that EV adoption is growing. Furthermore, electrified vehicles, adjacent trucks, are susceptible of supporting people’s lives successful some enactment and play.

In Vermont, we person made important investments successful EV infrastructure and incentives to marque them much affordable. Now, Vermont volition beryllium the archetypal authorities whose governor’s authoritative conveyance is all-electric. 1/2

— Governor Phil Scott (@GovPhilScott) August 3, 2022

Back successful November of 2021, Ford was reporting that astir 80% of its 160k preservation holders (at the time) would beryllium purchasing their archetypal EV, should they determination guardant with their Lightning purchase. More grounds that the mean consumer’s ears are starting to perk up acknowledgment to this electrified mentation of the famed F-Series pickup.

To date, Ford is reporting lone 4,400 F-150 Lightnings sold successful North America, but plans to stock its July numbers aboriginal today. Despite a somewhat dilatory ramp up, user request remains precocious and Ford is inactive moving to bolster Lightning accumulation to effort and support up.

Electrek’s take

This is astir surely a fluff portion from Ford, but I find it refreshing erstwhile successful a portion to punctual ourselves however acold this manufacture has come, and however rapidly it’s moving forward. Plus you tin lone study connected truthful galore failed startups and lackluster SPAC mergers earlier you request a serotonin boost.

I’m definite I’m not unsocial successful admitting I’m a tad jealous that these customers person a Ford F-150 Lightning to play with, but I’m genuinely blessed for them. Plus envy greenish isn’t truly my color.

Aside from Ford’s little notation of income numbers, there’s not overmuch to study present different than a speedy but tiny rollout, and immoderate satisfied customers. Not that Ford is going to nonstop retired a property merchandise highlighting negative lawsuit reviews.

It volition beryllium absorbing to spot how galore for Lightnings were sold this past period arsenic we deed the halfway people successful 2022. More connected that later.

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