Ford EV sales outpace segment, gains EV market share

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Ford released its July 2022 income today, showing that the automaker continues its propulsion into the EV market. In fact, rising Ford EV income boosted the automaker to go the best-selling marque this past month.

In an all-out effort to dethrone the EV king, Tesla ($TSLA), legacy automakers are turning their efforts to electrical vehicles. As companies effort to find their niche, Ford is having aboriginal occurrence converting marque favorites to EVs.

For example, Ford ($F) turned the American musculus car, the Mustang Mach E, into an EV powerhouse. Then, Ford took it further and brought the Ford F-150 Lighting to market. Between the 2 releases, Ford is selling the EV models arsenic accelerated arsenic they tin marque them.

And lastly, the Ford Transit (a cargo van) continues dominating its class, adjacent arsenic an EV. The Ford E-Transit makes up 95% of the electrical van marketplace done July.

With Ford’s EV income climbing rapidly, the institution is gaining marketplace share. In fact, Ford is present America’s 2nd best-selling EV brand, down Tesla. The institution reached a 10.9% EV marketplace stock successful July, its highest yet.

Tesla remains the ascendant EV leader, with implicit 60% of the BEV market. But arsenic bequest car continues piling into the market, steadfast contention is emerging.

Ford EV salesFord’s 2022 E-Transit / Source: Ford Motor Co.

Ford EV income grew a whopping 168.7% successful July, 3 times the EV market. Furthermore, each EV models saw beardown demand.

Mustang Mach-E income up 74.1% F-150 Lightning had its champion period since its release E-Transit claims implicit 95% of the EV van market.

Best of all, Ford doesn’t expect the momentum to slow. In the company’s Q2 earnings, the automaker said it expects a 90% compound yearly maturation complaint (CAGR) for its EV models done 2026.

The institution continues securing artillery capableness and earthy materials to deed its goal. Ford has already sourced 70% of its artillery capableness for its extremity of a 2 cardinal EV planetary tally complaint annually successful 4 years.

Ford is investing implicit $50 cardinal successful EVs during this clip to proceed its success.

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