Fluidfreeride launches fast dual-suspension 25 mph Mosquito electric scooter weighing just 29 lbs.

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Miami-based Fluidfreeride, 1 of the apical electrical scooter distributors successful the US, has conscionable launched its latest electrical scooter model. The Mosquito is designed to beryllium a lightweight and portable electrical scooter for metropolis commuters, but inactive packs successful amazingly bully show and features contempt its minimalist design.

For starters, the awesome show specs don’t look to lucifer the reasonably lightweight 29 lb. (13 kg) design. Most lightweight electrical scooters conflict to scope anyplace adjacent to these figures.

A apical velocity of 25 mph (40 km/h) is disposable close retired of the container from the 500W continuous and 700W peak-rated motor. For much experienced riders, the scooter tin really beryllium unlocked to deed a somewhat higher 27-28 mph (45 km/h).

Commenting connected the speed, Fluidfreeride laminitis Julian Fernau explained that the scooter is inactive a bully setup for beginner riders, adjacent if the show is geared to entice much experienced riders:

Is it bully for beginners? I would accidental yes, but we would urge that you commencement slowly. 25 mph tin beryllium truly really fast, and you request to make a small spot of accomplishment to grip the scooter astatine these precocious speeds.

The 48V and 9.6 Ah artillery offers 461 Wh artillery is besides overmuch larger than those recovered successful astir different lightweight electrical scooters.

In fact, that’s the capableness you’ll typically find successful larger and heavier electrical bicycles.

Fernau shared real-world scope figures based connected assorted riding styles and weights:

We tested it with a 160-pound rider and that idiosyncratic was capable to get 22 miles successful velocity level 3 astatine a comparatively changeless velocity of 15 oregon 16 mph. That aforesaid rider was capable to get 19 miles successful velocity level 4 astatine astir 19 mph. We besides truly enactment it to the trial with a 240-pound rider that rode it arsenic accelerated and aggressively arsenic helium could astatine afloat velocity and helium got 11 to 12 miles, which I deliberation is inactive precise awesome astatine that precocious value fixed that this scooter is really designed for shorter commutes.

The scooter is designed for municipality commuters and frankincense folds up into a tiny package. For speedy carrying, the scooter tin beryllium folded and carried one-handed utilizing the balanced transportation grip connected the stem. For retention successful a tighter space, the handlebars besides fold down to marque the scooter adjacent narrower.

In different motion to municipality convenience, the tires are coagulated rubber to debar the accidental of a level tire.

Solid rubber tires mostly make a rougher ride, but the Mosquito has some beforehand and rear suspension to creaseless retired the bumps and marque up for those harsher tires.

A drum brake offers bully all-weather braking that won’t slice erstwhile it gets bedewed similar a disc brake and volition besides remained sealed to necessitate small to nary maintenance. Drum brakes whitethorn dependable similar aged tech, but they’re becoming progressively common successful the manufacture for their unsocial advantages.

The scooter besides includes regenerative braking and a rear stomp brake for 3 antithetic braking options.

The scooter’s colour show tin beryllium utilized to crook connected functions similar zero commencement (doesn’t necessitate a footwear to activate the throttle) arsenic good arsenic cruise control, though some of those features are turned disconnected by default truthful arsenic not to astonishment caller and inexperienced riders.

The scooter carries an MSRP of $999 and comes with a 12-month warranty, but a peculiar motorboat promotion going unrecorded contiguous volition spot the scooter priced astatine $899 with an adjacent longer warranty.

As Fernau explained:

Because we are truthful convinced of the prime and long-lastingness of this scooter, we’re going to propulsion successful an other twelvemonth of warranty astatine launch.

Electrek’s Take

This is simply a beauteous astonishing operation of lightweight design, precocious performance, and debased cost.

I deliberation Fluidfreeride truly nailed it connected this one.

Fernau decidedly seems to “get it” erstwhile it comes to the performance. Compared to each those weaker lightweight entry-level scooters retired determination successful the $400-$600 range, higher-power scooters are conscionable much amusive for experienced riders, positive they often marque riders consciousness safer by being capable to support up with traffic.

As Fernau explained:

Once you’ve gotten utilized to a higher-power machine, you can’t truly spell backmost to cruising astatine conscionable 15 mph. We deliberation the Mosquito is the cleanable solution for idiosyncratic who already has a high-powered scooter and needs thing a small spot smaller, much nimble, and much portable for the neighborhood.

That makes consciousness to me!

The 1 caveat is that you’ve truly got to beryllium cautious going accelerated connected those tiny wheels, but experienced riders volition beryllium utilized to specified concerns.

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