Flowcarbon Partners with Celo Blockchain to Create Carbon Market Ecosystem

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Climate exertion institution Flowcarbon has partnered with the carbon-negative blockchain Celo Foundation to make a c marketplace ecosystem, which enables c credits to beryllium traded connected the Celo web successful the signifier of Flowcarbon's Goddess of Nature token (GNT).

The c marketplace ecosystem, that Flowcarbon and Celo are creating, is simply a level for task developers to tokenize their c credits, merchantability tokens astatine GNT marketplace prices, and execute real-time recognition on-chain.

The partners purchased astatine slightest $10 cardinal worthy of GNT, creating liquidity and making the c trading marketplace much transparent, simpler, and much accessible to buyers and sellers.

Phil Fogel, co-founder of Flowcarbon stated that:

 “Celo is carbon-negative, and the worth of earthy resources is built into its ethos, making it the astir earthy instauration for gathering solutions to clime alteration on-chain. Celo's founders, Sep, Marek, and Rene unrecorded and respire this ngo successful a mode that nary different layer-1 ecosystem does.”

The CELO concern exemplary involving the deployment of astute contracts connected mobile phones utilizing telephone numbers arsenic nationalist keys aims to span the spread betwixt the satellite and the conception of transacting with cryptos.

In caller years, c markets person started to amusement their imaginable successful delivering superior astatine a standard successful which the manufacture is capable to tackle issues of clime change.

According to Blockchain.News, a Singaporean exempt backstage institution AirCarbon Pte permits firm buyers and airlines to merchantability and acquisition tokens subsidized by c offset credits. This is based connected the support of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

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