Fisker Q2 report: Over 56k Ocean reservations, test cars, plus PEAR and Project Ronin updates

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We person officially passed the halfway marker for the 2022 fiscal year, and those quarterly reports are starting to rotation in. Fisker’s Q2 update came this morning, showcasing a decent appetite for its flagship Ocean SUV, alongside immoderate updates to the advancement of the adjacent 2 Fisker models to follow.

Despite a nationalist magnified solid connected Fisker Inc.’s each determination acknowledgment to a turbulent past, the American automaker continues to propulsion guardant toward deliveries of its flagship EV, the Ocean. Although it is not scheduled to statesman accumulation with the assistance of Magna International until November, Fisker has already been teasing 2 further models arsenic an encore.

Next volition beryllium the PEAR, which volition beryllium built by Foxconn astatine its recently acquired facility successful Lordstown, Ohio. Founder and CEO Henrik Fisker precocious teased the latest PEAR representation connected Instagram, mentioning its “wrap astir windscreen” (see below).

The automaker is besides readying a sportier GT called Project Ronin, which is being processing astatine Fisker Magic Works successful the UK. This 3rd exemplary remains the astir shrouded successful secrecy, but Fisker has fixed america immoderate updates to each 3 EVs successful its Q2 2022 report.

Fisker Q2Fisker’s latest glimpse of the upcoming PEAR / Source: Henrik Fisker/IGFisker Ocean and fiscal updates for Q2

Fisker Inc. shared a property release pursuing its Q2 fiscal results telephone with investors this morning, offering its latest updates to EV progress, positive currency connected manus numbers. First things archetypal – arsenic of the extremity of Q2, Fisker is reporting implicit 56,000 reservations for its Ocean SUV.

That’s not a immense leap from the 50k reservations they were touting successful aboriginal June, but it’s travel a agelong mode from 31k reported successful February. Of those existent reservations, 5,000 of them see “dibs” connected the Launch Edition Ocean One, adjacent with Fisker’s caller inquire for a non-refundable $5,000 downpayment.

So the Ocean One is wholly sold retired and according to Fisker, represents $350 cardinal successful gross – if and erstwhile the SUVs deliver. Fisker besides reports that each 55 conveyance investigating and validation prototypes of the Ocean person been completed, and 2 were precocious delivered to its HQ successful Manhattan Beach, CA.

They volition proceed investigating earlier scheduled commencement of accumulation successful November. Fisker elaborated to the SUV’s advancement done Q2:

I americium arrogant of the seamless collaboration betwixt Fisker and each of our partners and suppliers, ensuring our November 17, 2022, start-of-production. After driving trial cars connected the high-speed way successful Italy and connected the roads successful LA, I americium excited astir each the features we volition connection successful the Fisker Ocean and however superbly the Fisker Ocean volition drive. The prototype prime inactive needs betterment earlier we deed serial production, arsenic respective parts are aboriginal released prototype parts, but it gives america the clip to bash adjacent much refinement. I privation the Fisker Ocean to beryllium a top-quality merchandise erstwhile it reaches our archetypal paying customers, which means diligent fine-tuning until the archetypal accumulation SUVs tally disconnected the enactment connected November 17. With beardown request for our vehicles, we look guardant to the adjacent signifier of our breathtaking maturation plan.

Here are immoderate different interior and fiscal updates from Fisker pursuing Q2 2022:

Fisker is presently processing an interactive configurator that volition motorboat successful precocious October alongside a caller website which volition see EV transportation timeframes Ocean Extreme pre-orders volition statesman connected November 18, the time aft SOP Pre-orders for the Ocean Ultra and Sport trims volition statesman successful Q1 2023 Fisker has renamed its acquisition centers “Fisker Lounges,” which volition archetypal get successful Los Angeles and Munich aboriginal this year It expects 50 Fisker Lounge showrooms and work facilities crossed North America and Europe by the extremity of 2023 Fisker reported currency and currency equivalents of $851.9 cardinal arsenic of June 30, 2022 Reflects approx. $14.2 cardinal raised from Fisker’s $350 cardinal at-the-market equity programme during Q2 2022 Loss from operations totaled $88.7 million, including $1.2 cardinal of stock-based compensation expense Net nonaccomplishment totaled $106 cardinal and $0.36 nonaccomplishment per share. Weighted mean shares outstanding totaled 298.3 cardinal for the 3 months of Q2 PEAR and Project Ronin updates

While a bulk of the absorption of Fisker’s Q2 telephone was connected the Ocean, the automaker did stock a mates noteworthy tidbits astir its different 2 upcoming EVs. The PEAR has implicit 4,000 reservations, contempt not officially being unveiled yet.

It volition beryllium atop Fisker’s SLV1 level erstwhile it is built by Foxconn successful Ohio, successful 2024. Once accumulation successful Lordstown ramps up, the 2 companies expect to nutrient astatine slightest 250,000 PEAR EVs annually. The starting MSRP is inactive expected to get beneath $30,000, and a drivable prototype is expected earlier the extremity of 2022.

Not overmuch caller to study connected Project Ronin, we’re afraid. The Grand Tourer EV volition diagnostic a artillery battalion integrated into its operation to let for accrued artillery volume. Fisker shared that it is designing and engineering its 3rd EV to “deliver class-leading scope and redefine the luxury sports car segment.” We should expect to spot Project Ronin for the archetypal clip adjacent summertime – that’s each for now.

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