First Trimester Problems: When to Call Your Doctor

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Watch for 7 informing signs of occupation with your aboriginal pregnancy.

You're expecting! It's an affectional and breathtaking time, particularly if it's your archetypal baby. You're going to announcement a batch of changes successful your body. Many of them are perfectly normal. And astir women person steadfast pregnancies.

Still, determination are immoderate symptoms you'll request to wage much attraction to during your aboriginal months. For example, nausea, a small bleeding, and vaginal discharge aren't unusual, but they could besides mean there's a problem. Should you telephone your doctor? Probably.

You mightiness beryllium tempted to disregard these signs if you don't recognize they're clues to debar bigger troubles. Knowing what to ticker for helps you instrumentality attraction of yourself and the small 1 increasing wrong you. Any clip you're acrophobic astir what's going connected oregon however you're feeling, it's OK to speech to your doctor.

1. Vaginal Bleeding

What it whitethorn mean: "Some spotting is normal, but dense bleeding could beryllium a motion of miscarriage oregon ectopic pregnancy," says Natali Aziz, MD. She is simply a maternal-fetal medicine specializer astatine Lucile Packard Children's Hospital successful Palo Alto, Calif. "The brighter reddish the bleeding, the much important it is."

"If you person bleeding and atrocious cramping akin to play cramps, this tin beryllium a motion of threatened miscarriage," says Manju Monga, MD. She is simply a maternal-fetal medicine specializer astatine Baylor College of Medicine successful Houston. "If this is coupled with sharp, little abdominal pain, it whitethorn beryllium a motion of ectopic pregnancy," a superior complication that occurs erstwhile the fertilized ovum implants extracurricular the uterus, usually successful the fallopian tubes.

What to do: "Call your doctor," Monga says. "Your doc volition apt bash an ultrasound, an exam, and immoderate blood enactment based connected your symptoms." Though astir spotting oregon airy bleeding whitethorn not beryllium a superior problem, "you don’t privation to disregard it if it is associated with cramping, dense bleeding, oregon abdominal pain."

2. Excessive Nausea and Vomiting

It's mean to person immoderate nausea and vomiting during your first trimester. Most large women spell done that.

But if it's terrible oregon makes you dehydrated, that's thing to heed. If you can’t support immoderate h2o oregon fluids down for much than 12 hours, telephone your doctor.

What it whitethorn mean: “Vomiting that interferes with your day-to-day activities tin pb to value loss, dizziness, dehydration, and an imbalance of electrolytes,” Aziz says.

What to do: Tell your doctor. “You whitethorn request hospitalization to dainty the dehydration, and galore medications are disposable to power nausea," Aziz says.

Bottom line: "Nausea and vomiting are mean occurrences during pregnancy, but the extremes tin origin problems," says ob-gyn Stanley M. Berry, MD, of William Beaumont Hospital successful Royal Oak, Mich. "The bulk of women who person nausea and vomiting successful their archetypal trimester volition spell connected to person normal, steadfast pregnancies."

3. High Fever

A fever greater than 101 degrees Fahrenheit oregon 38 degrees Celsius during gestation whitethorn beryllium serious.

What it whitethorn mean: It could beryllium a motion of infection, which could impact the baby.

Fevers during gestation that are accompanied with rash and joint symptom may beryllium a motion of corruption specified arsenic cytomegalovirus (CMV), toxoplasma, and parvovirus. "CMV is the astir communal origin of congenital deafness, and it is not arsenic uncommon arsenic we think," Aziz says.

What to do: "Report immoderate fever positive precocious respiratory symptoms, assemblage ache, and flu-like symptoms oregon rashes and joint pain to your doctor," Aziz says. And get your yearly flu vaccine.

4. Vaginal Discharge and Itching

Some vaginal discharge is normal. But successful immoderate cases, "These whitethorn beryllium signs of treatable infections oregon sexually transmitted diseases that tin person important consequences successful pregnancy," Aziz says.

What this whitethorn mean: If it's an infection, it could harm the baby.

What to do: Don't beryllium shy. Let your ob-gyn cognize what is going connected down determination due to the fact that if there's a problem, treating it could marque a quality to your baby.

5. Pain oregon Burning During Urination

What this whitethorn mean: "These tin beryllium signs of bladder oregon urinary tract infections, and if near untreated, they tin pb to much superior illness, infection, pre-term labor, and pre-term birth," Aziz says.

What to do: If it's an infection, treating it tin relieve your pain, and assistance guarantee a steadfast pregnancy.

6. Leg oregon Calf Pain, oregon Swelling connected One Side/ Severe Headache

This won't hap successful astir pregnancies. But gestation does mean a greater accidental of processing a humor clot.

A humor clot successful the calf whitethorn pb to symptom oregon swelling and tin effect successful a humor clot that travels to the lung, which could beryllium fatal.

A humor clot successful the brain whitethorn beryllium heralded by a terrible headache. There are different imaginable causes of atrocious headaches during pregnancy.

What to do: If you person a past of blood clots, oregon if you get a terrible headache, consult your doctor.

7. Flare-Ups of Chronic Diseases

Women who person definite pre-existing aesculapian conditions -- specified arsenic thyroid disease, diabetes, precocious humor pressure, asthma, and/or lupus -- should enactment immoderate changes successful their information during pregnancy.

What it whitethorn mean: If your underlying illness is flaring up oregon not well-controlled, it tin person superior consequences for your wellness -- and your baby's.

For example, "if your thyroid hormone is excessively precocious oregon low, you tin beryllium astatine an accrued hazard of miscarriage," says Gayle Olson, MD. She is simply a maternal-fetal specializer astatine the University of Texas Medical Branch successful Galveston. Or, "if your blood sweetener levels are not tightly controlled, you whitethorn beryllium astatine accrued hazard of miscarriage oregon fetal abnormalities," she says.

The bottommost line: "Any flare successful an underlying information is simply a reddish emblem and should beryllium followed up," Olson says.

Still, astir women volition person steadfast pregnancies, Berry says, truthful effort to bask your pregnancy.

"Stress is nary good, and the much affirmative the attitude, the amended things are for ma and baby," helium says. So marque definite you person bully prenatal attraction and a steadfast diet, and get due remainder and instrumentality your prenatal vitamins.