Finnish-made armored vehicles spotted in Ukraine

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Finnish-made six-wheeled armoured unit carriers were seen successful Ukraine, successful footage that began circulating connected societal media precocious past week.

The Patria Pasi XA-185s, amended known arsenic the Sisu Pasi, reportedly are being donated to Ukraine by Finland to enactment Ukrainian defenders successful the warfare against Russia.

The Finnish authorities does not officially corroborate the transportation of armored vehicles to Ukraine, but astatine the aforesaid time, it has antecedently announced further defence assistance to Ukraine.


In a statement, the Finnish Ministry of Defense said: “To guarantee that the assistance reaches its destination, much elaborate accusation connected the content, mode of delivery, oregon docket of the assistance volition not beryllium provided.

The XA-185 was primitively manufactured and marketed by the Finnish institution Sisu Auto but aft defence products were divided from Sisu and became portion of Patria, the aboriginal variants were manufactured and marketed by the Finnish defence institution Patria and are known arsenic Patria XA series.

The Vehicle’s wide known nickname “Pasi” (also a communal fixed sanction of Finnish men) stems from the Finnish sanction “panssari-Sisu” (English: armoured Sisu).

The XA bid has nary modular armament, but is equipped with a rotating turret operation for installation of light/heavy instrumentality guns oregon autocannons. It besides has 8 BMP benignant firing ports connected the sides and rear. Therefore, passengers, usually a squad of infantry, tin occurrence their weapons from the screen of the armor. It besides offers much interior abstraction compared to different akin vehicles similar the Fuchs oregon BTR-80.