Find Out the Very Important Prop That Tom Sturridge Stole From the Set of The Sandman

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In an exclusive chat with E! News, The Sandman prima Tom Sturridge revealed what helium was capable to snag from acceptable of the upcoming Netflix series.

What The Sandman Star Tom Sturridge STOLE From Set!

Tom Sturridge is sure to retrieve The Sandman set. 

In an exclusive chat with E! News, the prima of Netflix's The Sandman, premiering August 5, revealed what helium managed to bargain from the acceptable of the highly-anticipated series.

When asked if helium was capable to smuggle thing aft filming, Sturrdige responded timidly, "My pouch of sand."

Strurridge plays Dream (a.k.a. Morpheus) successful the bid and, arsenic immoderate instrumentality of the Sandman comic books will archer you, his pouch of soil is simply a very large deal—which makes his enactment adjacent much impressive.

Perhaps the craziest part, however, is that helium managed to support it a concealed from each of his co-stars.

After Sturridge revealed what helium had done, Vivienne Acheampong, who plays Lucienne connected The Sandman, reacted successful shock, saying, "Did you really?!"

But don't worry, Sandman fans. The pouch of soil has not been harmed.

"It's safe," Sturridge said. "So if we request it again, it's precise safe."

Based connected the comic books written by Neil Gaiman, The Sandman follows Morpheus arsenic he, according to Netflix, "embarks connected a travel crossed worlds to find what was stolen from him and reconstruct his power."

Sturridge is adamant that the bid volition beryllium relatable for each antithetic demographics. 

"The happening that connects each of america is that we each dream," helium said. "What I emotion astir Sandman is, dissimilar astir each stories, adjacent though it's seemingly this protagonist successful Morpheus, he's not. He's conscionable determination to amusement you the stories of a 1000 antithetic people. I genuinely judge everyone volition find their communicative wrong it."


The Sandman besides stars Gwendoline Christie, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Boyd Holbrook, Jenna Coleman, Patton Oswalt, David Thewlis and Charles Dance.

Watch The Sandman—and support an oculus retired for that soil pouch—when it drops August 5 connected Netflix.

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