Fatal hit-and-run in front of gay bar "appears intentional," police say

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A hit-and-run car clang that killed 3 and injured 1 extracurricular a Black-owned cheery barroom successful Chicago aboriginal Sunday greeting "appears to beryllium intentional," constabulary said successful their latest news conference addressing the incident.

But Brenden Deenihan, the Chicago Police Department main of detectives, said successful the update connected the onslaught Monday that officials aren't investigating the onslaught arsenic a hatred transgression yet.

"We don't person immoderate grounds to enactment that idiosyncratic was trying to harm these individuals due to the fact that of their race, religion, etcetera," Deenihan said. 

He besides elaborate the events that led up to the hit-and-run. 

"It appears determination was an statement wrong that establishment, it spills retired onto the street, and past there's an ongoing altercation astatine that point," Deenihan described. "Then you tin spot that this idiosyncratic gets into the car and past commits this horrific act."

Officials recovered the car they accidental was progressive 4 blocks from the Jeffery Pub, but they don't person a fishy successful custody.

Deenihan called retired to the assemblage for assistance successful uncovering the driver.

"You can't complaint a car with a crime, obviously," helium said. "We request to cognize who the operator was, and we cognize the radical retired determination cognize that."

Deenihan said the section inactive has "a batch of enactment to do" and that investigators are looking guardant to bringing "some solace to immoderate of these families."

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