EXPLOSIVE – Erroneous Code Was Present on Dominion Election System Software After Being Certified by the EAC

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An predetermination study from Tennessee was precocious issued by the EAC that stated that an erroneous codification was recovered connected Dominion bundle that had been certified by the EAC. 

How does strategy bundle get certified with erroneous codification connected it?

There appears to beryllium a fewer issues with the voting machines utilized crossed the US.  We’ve already reported connected the information that voting machines were enactment successful usage successful Pennsylvania without being decently hardened.

Dominion is Panicking successful Pennsylvania Because Their Machines Likely Weren’t Properly ‘Hardened’ and Shouldn’t Have Ever Been Put successful Use

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We cognize these machines are not decently ‘hardened’ due to the fact that we person recovered bundle connected the machines that would person prevented the machines from being certifiable.  When machines are hardened they are certified with the astir up-to-date bundle needed for usage and without immoderate bundle that should not beryllium there.  In the lawsuit of predetermination machines utilized passim the US, the machines should not beryllium enactment successful usage with immoderate other bundle loaded connected the machines.

Now a study was located that was related to immoderate issues identified successful an predetermination successful Tennessee.  An mistake was identified connected the voting machines and systems related to erroneous code.  The existent contented is the systems had been certified by the EAC.  How could the EAC certify these machines?

The voting instrumentality audit firms are paid by Dominion to certify their machines per the video below.

EAC Report of Investigation Dominion DSuite 5.5 B by Jim Hoft connected Scribd