Exclusive: Ben Foster reveals who he would select as Manchester United's goalkeeper next season

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Manchester United goalkeeper
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A caller manager is connected the mode this summertime and Manchester United fans are excitedly anticipating a caller era, with Erik 10 Hag acceptable to marque sweeping changes to the squad.

While galore positions request an injection of talent, the aforesaid can't beryllium said of United's goalkeeper department. The Red Devils boast 2 apical prime stoppers, with David De Gea and Dean Henderson some keen to beryllium the club's No.1 adjacent season. De Gea has been the archetypal prime again this term, but immoderate fans would similar to spot Henderson, who excelled connected indebtedness astatine Sheffield United successful the past, fixed the motion instead. 

With the statement implicit who should beryllium Ten Hag's archetypal prime adjacent play ongoing, FFT spoke to a erstwhile Manchester United advertisement existent Watford gloveman, Ben Foster, to get the sentiment of antheral who's been successful a akin presumption before. 

"I've been speechmaking a spot astir this a batch lately," said Foster, who spoke to FourFourTwo astir his playing vocation arsenic good arsenic his deed Spotify Original podcast Fozcast. "It's a blistery topic. The goalkeeping section is astir apt the happening that they slightest request to interest about. The lone happening I'd accidental is that David De Gea is tried and proven for United. He's a definite benignant of goalkeeper who mightiness not beryllium arsenic bully with his feet arsenic others similar Alisson oregon possibly Ederson, but he's got everything else. He truly has. His shot-stopping inability is perfectly phenomenal.

"I don't deliberation I don't deliberation Henderson is successful a presumption to spell and sound connected the manager's doorway and say, 'I should beryllium successful up of De Gea'. I'd accidental he's precise akin to maine backmost successful the time erstwhile I had Edwin van der Sar successful beforehand of maine astatine United. I couldn't spell to the manager and request to up of Edwin – helium was the man. He went retired determination connected a Saturday day and did his occupation well. You can't person immoderate complaints successful a concern similar that. De Gea's been fantabulous for ample parts of this season.

"For me, Henderson needs to spell retired and get crippled clip nether his belt," continues Foster. "He's a goalie that needs to spell retired and play. So whether it's retired connected indebtedness adjacent year, oregon whether helium makes a imperishable move, I don't cognize what it volition be, but helium needs to spell and play. I'm definite adjacent twelvemonth there's going to beryllium a fewer teams sniffing astir him; the likes of Newcastle, perhaps." 

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