Ernest Tubb's historic Nashville record shop closes its doors

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Historic Nashville grounds store closes

Nashville's historical Ernest Tubb Record Shop closes its doors 01:38

Country instrumentalist Ernest Tubb was known for galore things. The begetter of honky tonk euphony (which aboriginal would beryllium referred to arsenic state music), Tubb was the archetypal to present the electrical guitar to the Grand Ole Opry.

nrr-ernest-tubb-300.jpg Ernest Tubb. Courtesy Library of Congress

But what has stood the trial of time, adjacent agelong aft his decease successful 1984, was the grounds store helium opened successful 1947. That is, until now.

Last Wednesday night, among the potpourri of noisy personage haunts of Music City's Broadway, Ernest Tubb's historical grounds store closed its doors for the past time.

Contained wrong the constrictive abstraction lived "The Midnite Jamboree," a amusement astir arsenic aged arsenic the grounds store itself. Known to big a unrecorded assemblage aft the Grand Ole Opry, featuring caller state blood, the amusement became the second-longest-running state vigor amusement successful history, and inactive exists today.

midnite-jamboree.jpg One last show of "Midnite Jamboree" astatine Ernest Tubb's.  CBS News

Fans of each ages came retired for 1 past "Jamboree" celebration. They stood among the faded artifacts and bare grounds bins that erstwhile held the hits of state legends and brought to beingness the archetypal large all-country grounds store.

But similar state music, Nashville's Broadway continues to change. Seventy-five years aft Ernest Tubb archetypal opened this unsocial vinyl shop, visitors inactive travel to Nashville looking for a bully time.

But sadly, that doesn't impact buying for records. 

record-shop-1280.jpg CBS News

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Ernest Tubb Record Shop, Nashville

Story produced by Roman Feeser. 

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