Entities Holding Less Than 100 BTC are the Best Survivors amid LUNA's Liquidation

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In a bid to salvage the LUNA and UST crash, the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) liquidated 80,081 BTC, but these coins were received with unfastened arms by entities holding little than 10,000 Bitcoins.

Market penetration supplier Glassnode explained:

“During the LUNA triggered sell-off successful aboriginal May, a full of 80,081 BTC were liquidated by the Luna Foundation Guard. Interestingly, the proviso measurement held by entities < 100 BTC has since accrued by 80,724 BTC. This shows a transportation from LFG to <100 BTC holders.”


Source: Glassnode

When things started going haywire successful the Terra network, the LFG decided to merchantability its Bitcoin reserves to effort and halt the illness of the LUNA and UST tokens earlier past month.

However, this determination came a small excessively precocious due to the fact that the harm had already been done, according to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

CZ had antecedently commented:

“The Terra squad was dilatory successful utilizing their reserves to reconstruct the peg. The full incidental whitethorn person been avoided if they had utilized their reserves erstwhile the de-peg was astatine 5%. After the worth of the coins had already crashed by 99% (or $80 billion), they tried to usage $3 cardinal to bash the rescue. Of course, this didn’t work.”

Therefore, Glassnode statistic amusement that the Bitcoin reserves exchanged hands from the LFG to entities with little than 100 BTC.

Does the accumulation signifier back?

The accumulation signifier successful the BTC seems to beryllium backmost based connected assorted indicators. Ki Young Ju, CryptoQuant CEO, pointed out:

“The past Bitcoin accumulation signifier was successful mid-2020, lasting for 6 months. As of May 2022,, it's beauteous evident that BTC is successful an accumulation signifier for me. Institutions that drove the 2021 bull-run besides bought successful this $25-30K range.”

Market penetration supplier On-Chain College echoed akin sentiments and stated:

“Bitcoin has entered the dense accumulation portion (white), which shows america that larger entities (or a ample % of the network) are accumulating.”


Source: Glassnode

With accumulation being a bullish motion arsenic much coins are bought, it remains to beryllium seen however Bitcoin plays out. 

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