England a ‘scary’ prospect at World Cup – United States boss Gregg Berhalter

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Gregg Berhalter
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United States brag Gregg Berhalter says England volition beryllium a “scary” imaginable astatine the World Cup arsenic Gareth Southgate has made the garment “a cape alternatively than a straitjacket”.

It is conscionable 54 days until the wintertime tourney gets nether mode successful Qatar, wherever the USA articulation the Three Lions, Wales and Iran successful Group B.

England are the favourites to apical the excavation and among the contenders to triumph the World Cup, having reached the semi-finals successful Russia 4 years agone and finished runners-up astatine Euro 2020.

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Things person gone awry successful caller months and Southgate’s broadside caput to Qatar connected a six-match winless run, but United States brag Berhalter is expecting large things from their Group B rivals.

“What I would accidental is I don’t cognize if the expectations person ever been successful enactment with the prime of the squad,” the erstwhile defender, who went to 2 World Cups arsenic a player, said.

“Back successful 2010, realistically, I didn’t deliberation they had the squad that tin triumph the World Cup, right? But present it’s different. Now I deliberation we each hold they person a squad that tin triumph the World Cup.

“And Gareth, successful my opinion, has done a large occupation of helping the players header with that pressure.

John Terry with goalkeeper Robert Green aft  England's 1-1 gully  with the USA astatine  the 2010 World Cup successful  South Africa

John Terry with goalkeeper Robert Green aft England’s 1-1 gully with the USA astatine the 2010 World Cup successful South Africa (Owen Humphreys/PA)

“And really utilizing the jersey arsenic a cape alternatively than a straitjacket and truly giving them the state to play connected the field, giving them the thought that they tin correspond their state successful a affirmative mode and marque the state proud.”

Asked what benignant of situation England airs his broadside connected November 25, Berhalter said: “Scary.

“It’s scary reasoning astir however we’re going to bushed them. We’ll look astatine immoderate of the games, look astatine immoderate of their vulnerabilities and effort to exploit that.

“For us, it’s looking astatine the radical arsenic an entirety, not conscionable focusing connected England, due to the fact that we cognize that’s 1 of the games that makes up 33 per cent of the games we person successful the opening round.

“Our job, our goal, is to decorativeness successful the apical 2 and determination on.”

Berhalter sees the World Cup arsenic “two chiseled tournaments” arsenic the US look to advancement to the knockout phase.

Getting disconnected to a bully commencement successful Qatar volition beryllium important successful that sense, meaning a affirmative effect against Wales successful their Group B opener successful Al Rayyan would beryllium huge.

The November 21 clash volition beryllium the Dragons’ archetypal World Cup lucifer since 1958 and Berhalter is expecting Robert Page’s men to beryllium a pugnacious opponent.

“We played Wales successful the autumn of 2020 and they were a bully team,” the US brag added.

Wales faced the United States successful  a affable  successful  November 2020

Wales faced the United States successful a affable successful November 2020 (David Davies/PA)

“A precise hard squad to people on, a carnal team, a batch of Premier League players, immoderate existent precocious prime successful the attack, prime defenders. I deliberation it’s a beardown team.

“I’m funny to spot how, archetypal of all, we interact with Wales erstwhile we play them but besides however Wales interacts with the different teams successful the group, peculiarly England.

“There’s a fierce rivalry determination truthful it’s going to beryllium an breathtaking group. You don’t often get 3 autochthonal English-speaking teams successful the aforesaid group, truthful it’s going to beryllium breathtaking for everyone.”

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