Elon Musk: Tesla might stop taking orders on some vehicles because of long delivery times

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Elon Musk said that Tesla whitethorn halt taking orders connected immoderate models of its fashionable electrical vehicles due to the fact that of the agelong transportation timelines.

There’s presently a unreserved to bid electrical vehicles arsenic the exertion gains momentum – some naturally, arsenic it becomes much mainstream, and successful the abbreviated term, much straight done the state terms increase.

For Tesla, we antecedently reported that this has resulted in a important summation successful its bid complaint successful respective regions of the US. In March, this resulted successful many Tesla models being sold retired until 2023 successful the US. That’s contempt respective terms increases passim Tesla’s full lineup implicit the past 2 years.

Now Tesla is adjacent considering stopping taking orders connected immoderate models. CEO Elon Musk said during an interrogation astatine the FT Future of Cars Conference:

Demand is present exceeding accumulation to a ridiculous degree. We are really astir apt going to bounds oregon conscionable halt taking orders for thing beyond a definite play of clip due to the fact that immoderate of the timing (for transportation of caller orders) is much than a twelvemonth away.”

The remark comes arsenic Tesla updated galore transportation timelines for immoderate of its astir fashionable vehicles successful the US. A caller bid of a basal Model Y present shows a transportation timeline of February 2023–May 2023. More costly versions of the vehicle, similar the Model Y Performance, get a overmuch faster transportation timeline of July to September 2022.

Over the past year, Tesla has besides started to connection faster transportation timelines by adding immoderate options connected definite trims. For example, the basal Model Y (Long Range AWD) gets a faster November 2022–February 2023 transportation timeline if you adhd the bigger 20-inch wheels, which outgo an other $2,000.

Model 3 is besides inactive popular, but the transportation timelines are much tenable than with Model Y. All trims of the Model 3 tin get delivered by the extremity of the twelvemonth successful the US.

Electrek’s Take

If Tesla stops taking orders connected immoderate trims of its vehicles, the basal Model Y is apt going to beryllium the archetypal 1 to go.

Now you mightiness think: What’s the vantage of not taking caller orders? Don’t you conscionable privation arsenic large of a backlog arsenic possible?

Yes, but the transportation timelines are becoming agelong capable that radical are present buying a conveyance that is astir apt going to beryllium antithetic by the clip they get it. Tesla is ever updating its vehicles, and if you are getting yours a twelvemonth aft ordering it, it is apt going to person respective caller features and changes.

Also, the terms is apt going to change. Tesla is present delivering caller Model Ys to radical who ordered them past twelvemonth for $5,000 to $10,000 cheaper than it is to bargain 1 close present with a caller order.

Elon Musk precocious explained Tesla’s difficulties successful adjusting pricing for vehicles that they are delivering six to 12 months from now, particularly with rising costs of materials.

So portion Tesla does privation to person a important backlog of orders, determination comes a constituent wherever it becomes excessively hard to manage.

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