Elon Musk teases new Tesla factory in Canada

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Elon Musk has teased the announcement of a caller Tesla mill determination by the extremity of this year. The CEO hinted powerfully that it could beryllium successful Canada.

Over the past year, Musk has been talking astir Tesla announcing a determination for a caller gigafactory.

At Tesla’s yearly shareholder’s gathering today, Musk again brought up the upcoming announcement, saying that Tesla mightiness beryllium acceptable to denote a caller determination “later this year.”

After teasing the announcement, Musk asked the assemblage of Tesla investors:

Where should we physique it?

After radical yelled a clump of antithetic locations, Musk said:

We got a batch of Canada. I americium fractional Canadian, possibly I should?

Musk was calved successful South Africa to a Canadian-born mother.

This is really the 2nd clip that Musk hinted that Tesla’s adjacent mill could beryllium successful Canada.

In June, Electrek obtained a signaling of a companywide gathering held by Musk during which helium confirmed that Tesla is looking astatine sites successful North America.

The gathering included a Q&A with workers. During the Q&A, an worker asked Musk wherever Tesla’s adjacent mill successful the US is going to beryllium located.

Musk said that Tesla hasn’t decided yet, but helium did specify that it mightiness not beryllium successful the US:

We are looking astatine sites, but we are considering immoderate sites options much broadly successful North America, truthful including Canada and Mexico, and the US arsenic well.

The CEO made it dependable similar Tesla is actively looking astatine sites, but helium did marque it wide that the precedence successful North America close present is to ramp Gigafactory Texas to measurement production.

The remark made it dependable similar Tesla is looking much astatine Canada and Mexico for its adjacent factory.

Electrek besides antecedently reported that Tesla has precocious been successful talks with the Quebec government amid a multibillion-dollar concern into artillery accumulation from the Canadian province.

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