Elon Musk Denies Flight Attendant's Sexual Misconduct Claims

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SpaceX founder Elon Musk is denying claims that helium was progressive successful intersexual misconduct with one of the company's flight attendants in 2016.

Business Insider reported May 19 that a erstwhile SpaceX formation attendant was paid $250,000 by the company as portion of a severance agreement that required her to keep quiescent astir an alleged sexual misconduct incidental involving the Tesla CEO.

According to the report, successful 2016, the unidentified pistillate worked arsenic a subordinate of the compartment unit for the SpaceX firm pitchy fleet. She reportedly "accused Musk of exposing his erect penis to her, rubbing her limb without consent, and offering to bargain her a equine successful speech for an erotic massage," per Business Insider, citing a declaration signed by the person of the attendant, on with an interrogation with her.

In a bid of tweets connected May 19, Musk slammed the accusations, calling them "wild" and "utterly untrue."

"But I person a situation to this liar who claims their person saw maine ‘exposed' – picture conscionable 1 thing, thing astatine each (scars, tattoos, …) that isn't known by the public," helium tweeted. "She won't beryllium capable to bash so, due to the fact that it ne'er happened."

According to Business Insider, the flight attendant was besides allegedly urged to "get licensed arsenic a masseuse" truthful that she could springiness Musk massages. During 1 mid-flight massage session, according to the friend, the attendant alleged that the billionaire "was wholly bare but for a expanse covering the little fractional of his body," the outlet reported. Musk allegedly "exposed his genitals" and past "touched her and offered to bargain her a equine if she would 'do more,' referring to the show of enactment acts." 

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The flight attendant, who is simply a equine rider, reportedly declined Musk's alleged advances and continued with the massage without engaging successful immoderate sexual activity. After the alleged incident, the person said the pistillate told her person that her shifts were "cut back" and she felt similar she was being "pushed retired and punished."

In 2018, the formation attendant hired a California-based employment lawyer and sent a ailment to SpaceX's quality resources section detailing the alleged misconduct, according to Business Insider. Her person told the outlet she was contacted and prepared a connection validating the claims.

Per Business Insider, the pistillate was subsequently awarded a $250,000 severance agreement in speech for not suing implicit the claims. Per the outlet, the "agreement besides included restrictive non-disclosure and non-disparagement clauses that barroom the attendant from ever discussing the severance outgo oregon disclosing immoderate accusation of immoderate benignant astir Musk and his businesses, including SpaceX and Tesla."

E! News has reached retired to Musk's lawyer and has not heard backmost yet.

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