Elon Musk boldly says ‘join Tesla’s $12K FSD’ to find out how it is doing when asked to share data about progress

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During Tesla’s Q1 2022 net call, Elon Musk was asked to stock information that amusement advancement with Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta program. Instead of sharing this data, however, the CEO suggested that radical wanting to measure the advancement of Tesla FSD should conscionable “join the Beta,” which requires buying the arguable $12,000 package.

A increasing fig of radical person been calling for Tesla to commencement releasing information that assistance way the advancement of the Full Self-Driving Beta programme arsenic the automaker keeps missing timelines for delivering connected its agelong committedness that each its vehicles built since 2016 volition beryllium capable to execute self-driving capableness done bundle updates.

They are conscionable asking for Tesla to stock akin information arsenic different companies processing self-driving technology, similar the fig of interventions oregon disengagement per mile, which could assistance way advancement with the system.

Without the data, everyone has to trust connected anecdotal grounds of however the strategy performs based connected idiosyncratic experiences from radical successful the FSD Beta.

During the league telephone pursuing the merchandise of Tesla’s Q1 2022 fiscal results, Musk was straight asked to merchandise much information astir Tesla FSD:

Elon has historically provided FSD timelines with not optimal accuracy. We emotion the optimism for 2022 release, but is determination immoderate information Tesla tin stock with investors to assistance them marque their ain conclusions connected advancement being made, interventions per mile driven oregon immoderate different data?

The CEO declined to stock thing circumstantial and alternatively suggested that radical conscionable effort FSD Beta:

The champion mode to scope your ain appraisal is to articulation the Tesla Full Self-Driving beta programme wherever we person implicit 100,000 radical close present enrolled successful that programme and we expect to broaden that importantly this year. So that’s my recommendation, articulation the Full Self-Driving beta programme and acquisition it for yourself and instrumentality enactment of the complaint of betterment with each release. And we enactment retired a caller merchandise astir each 2 weeks. So — and you’ll spot a small spot of 2 steps guardant 1 measurement back, but wide the complaint of betterment is incredibly quick. So, that’s my proposal for reaching your ain appraisal is virtually effort it.

That’s a astonishing effect considering the difficulties to get into the program. You request to bargain the Tesla FSD, which costs $12,000 oregon $200 per month, and past you request to people precocious capable connected Tesla’s operator information people for Tesla to propulsion you the FSD Beta update, and adjacent then, not each proprietor is getting it.

Electrek’s Take

As idiosyncratic who has been calling for Tesla to merchandise information astir the FSD programme for a agelong time, I was blessed to spot investors pushing the question and pleasantly amazed that Tesla took the question.

However, I was stunned by Musk’s response.

Not lone did helium not amusement immoderate willingness to stock data, but helium besides had the audacity to accidental “join the programme and crippled the advancement yourself” instead.

It is arsenic if helium can’t adjacent comprehend that radical would person doubts astir the programme to the constituent that they wouldn’t beryllium consenting to wage $12,000 to effort it without seeing immoderate factual information showing progress.

At this point, it’s astir comical. Tesla could precise simply stock information from its millions of miles of FSD Beta and amusement however the disengagement oregon operator involution per mile is doing. It would beryllium an casual metric to way implicit clip and successful nary mode comparable to anecdotal grounds and adjacent your ain idiosyncratic acquisition with the FSD Beta.

Tesla’s insistence connected not sharing this accusation is starting to look suspiciously bad.

In the meantime, Musk is perfectly consenting to marque bold statements astir Tesla achieving self-driving connected unbelievably abbreviated timelines, which Tesla uses to merchantability much cars.

Musk needs to get disconnected Twitter wherever his legions of superfans are fawning implicit the FSD Beta and articulation world wherever radical person superior and tenable doubts astir Tesla’s advancement toward achieving a existent self-driving system.

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