Elizabeth Olsen Surprises Marvel Fans By Sharing That She's "Never Met" John Krasinski

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It looks similar Elizabeth Olsen brought a small spot of chaos magic to her caller polygraph test.

While taking Vanity Fair's lie detector test connected May 13, the Wandavision actress, 33, raised eyebrows erstwhile she claimed that she had ne'er met John Krasinski…despite starring other him successful Marvel's latest movie Doctor Strange successful the Multiverse of Madness.  

Elizabeth began instantly laughing aft she was shown a photograph of John and asked if helium was "the smartest antheral alive." (In the film, John plays Fantastic Four leader Reed Richards, who is known for his quality successful the comics.) 

"No!" She exclaimed. "I don't cognize him though, but I would ne'er presume that an histrion would beryllium the smartest antheral alive." 

When she was pressed astir not knowing John, 42, contempt starring in the aforesaid film, Elizabeth erstwhile again denied ever gathering the A Quiet Place actor. 

"I don't deliberation so. No, I've ne'er met him," she said. "And [the polygraph examiner] already told maine that I've lied a mates times. I've ne'er met that man."

She revealed she has encountered Emily Blunt though, adding, "I've met his wife." 

It's harmless to accidental that Marvel fans were surely amazed by Elizabeth's revelation. They rapidly took to societal media to stock their reactions to the actress' hilarious response, comparing it to Keke Palmer's iconic "Sorry to this Man" moment during her own polygraph test. 

One instrumentality wrote, "Elizabeth Olsen took 1 look astatine John Krasinski's photograph and said ‘i don't cognize that man' adjacent though they were successful the aforesaid movie." 

Another praised the filmmaking process, adding, "The information that Elizabeth Olsen & John Krasinski filmed an full country unneurotic successful #MultiverseOfMadness and ne'er really met each different is extraordinary. Wow, I emotion movie magic." 

And a 3rd fan, well, blamed it each connected the Multiverse, writing, "Shes telling the truth, she ne'er saw him. It was an Elizabeth Olsen variant who changeable those scenes with John Krasinski (also a variant)." 

However, Elizabeth did get a accidental to speech astir immoderate of her Marvel co-stars that she has met, including Benedict Cumberbatch, who she agreed looked "a bit" similar an excited otter.  

She besides discussed her Captain America: Civil War co-star Chris Evans and his emotion of pat dancing connected set too, adding, "That's 1 of the things I similar astir him." 

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