Elizabeth Olsen and Husband Robbie Arnett Share Rare Details About Their Elopement

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Elizabeth Olsen Just Casually Revealed She's Married

Elizabeth Olsen just confirmed some marvelous news.

During a virtual quality connected SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show, the WandaVision actress revealed that she and instrumentalist Robbie Arnett privately tied the knot years ago. "We ne'er truly talked overmuch astir our marriage," Elizabeth—who was joined by Robbie during the interview—said erstwhile asked if they wed during COVID lockdown. "We eloped, and past we had a wedding astatine different time, but it was earlier COVID. I conscionable ne'er talked astir it. "

As Elizabeth, 33, explained, timing was successful the couple's favor. "I had to enactment successful England and determination are visa issues with that," she told co-hosts Jess Cagle and Julia Cunningham. "He wouldn't person been capable to travel astatine each actually. And besides everything was truthful backed up. You couldn't adjacent similar effort to get joined then. But it ended up moving out."

It was precisely a twelvemonth agone that Elizabeth casually revealed that she and Robbie, 30, are joined during Variety's Actors connected Actors series. 

While chatting with chap histrion Kaley Cuoco, Elizabeth referred to Robbie arsenic her husband.

"I've been successful the U.K. for 7 months, and I got backmost 2 days ago, and my neighbour is doing truthful overmuch operation to their backyard. I tin inactive perceive it and I'm successful the furthest bathroom," she said. "I besides conscionable noticed that my hubby enactment Little Miss Magic—you know, the Little Miss books? They're these classical books but 'magic' due to the fact that of WandaVision due to the fact that he's specified a f--king cutie!"

Speaking of books, Elizabeth and Robbie—who archetypal sparked romance rumors successful 2017—just released their first children's book, Hattie Harmony: Worry Detective, which shares ways to header with anxiety. And during their caller chat connected SiriusXM, the mates shared their goal for Worry Detective.

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"Our anticipation is that due to the fact that kids volition beryllium capable to, hopefully place it successful themselves, past they tin possibly person a spot much empathy oregon compassion for idiosyncratic who's acting a spot astonishing successful their class," Elizabeth said. "And they don't truly cognize however to negociate it, but possibly they person a spot much compassion for that different idiosyncratic due to the fact that they person the tools themselves. So similar that would be, you know, the dream."

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