Electric F-150 Lightnings save the day with power in Kentucky flood response

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Ford has sent 2 electrical F-150 Lightnings to assistance with Kentucky flood response, providing mobile powerfulness for crews to assistance get 10-15 families backmost successful their homes per day.

Heavy flooding deed Kentucky astatine the extremity of July, with 37 deaths truthful acold and tens of thousands of Kentuckians losing electricity. Water levels acceptable all-time records successful the region, and the flood is being described arsenic a “thousand-year flood,” with the National Weather Service stating that a upwind lawsuit similar this lone has a 0.1% accidental of happening successful immoderate fixed year.

Extreme upwind events similar this are becoming much common owed to the clime crisis, with “thousand-year” events happening overmuch much often than they should owed to disrupted upwind patterns due to the fact that of quality effects connected the climate.

An aerial look astatine the terrible flooding that has impacted Eastern Kentucky. TR continues to show the concern crossed Appalachia and are lasting by to enactment arsenic needed. pic.twitter.com/Rj3GJR7rGd

— Team Rubicon (@TeamRubicon) July 29, 2022

Electric vehicles trim c emissions from transportation, which helps to trim humans’ interaction connected our climate. If each of proscription is electrified, terrible upwind events similar these volition beryllium little communal than if we proceed burning fossil fuels for transportation.

But that’s not the lone mode EVs are helping to cleanable up these disasters. As betterment efforts person started to signifier up, powerfulness outages mean that catastrophe effect crews indispensable find a mode to bring their ain powerfulness to sites. And the caller F-150 Lightning has provided that for immoderate crews.

Kentucky is portion of our @Ford family, truthful we’re moving w/ @FordFund to enactment the communities affected by the devastating floods by sending #F150Lightning Pros & F-150s w/ Pro Power Onboard. The trucks volition beryllium utilized for cleanup efforts & mobile powerfulness sources successful the region. ⚡️💙 pic.twitter.com/MNlFR0w2On

— Jim Farley (@jimfarley98) August 4, 2022

The electrical F-150 Lightning comes equipped which Ford calls “Intelligent Backup Power,” which allows the motortruck to beryllium utilized arsenic a powerfulness root for a home. It besides has aggregate outlets successful the motortruck furniture to plug powerfulness tools into (Ford calls this “Pro Power Onboard”). These technologies are commonly referred to arsenic “vehicle-to-home” oregon “vehicle-to-load.”

The motortruck tin optionally supply up to 9.6kW worthy of powerfulness done 10 120v outlets and 1 240v outlet (base exemplary has 8 120v outlets susceptible of 2.4kW). With the basal 98kWh battery, that powerfulness could past 10 hours astatine afloat gully – but overmuch much longer than that successful applicable use, since crews won’t max retired the gully of the conveyance for hours straight.

This allows crews to tally powerfulness tools, lights and fans to assistance wide debris from roads and behaviour “muck outs” of flooded homes. The motortruck level is easier to acceptable up than a generator, which reduces downtime for crew. Plus it eliminates the further noise, smell, and emissions of portable gasoline generators.

Nonprofit Team Rubicon, which runs earthy catastrophe effect efforts, says each F-150 Lightning tin enactment a unit of 5-7 workers who tin get 10-15 families backmost into their homes per day, as reported by the Detroit Free Press. For today’s efforts, Ford has provided 2 F-150 Lightnings and 2 F-150 PowerBoost hybrids.

Team Rubicon utilized F-150 hybrids successful erstwhile hurricane alleviation efforts which tin besides beryllium utilized arsenic mobile generators to tally tools, though this involves moving the truck’s engine.

When flooding deed Eastern Kentucky, radical surviving on the regions galore hollers had roads washed distant successful an instant, leaving their homes inaccessible. Team Rubicon's roadway debris removal squad rapidly got to work, refilling the roads and restoring harmless access. #BuiltToServe pic.twitter.com/S3B89hQ8hc

— Team Rubicon (@TeamRubicon) August 4, 2022

A communal question for EV owners/advocates is “but what bash you bash erstwhile the power’s out” oregon successful the lawsuit of a earthy disaster. We’ve seen respective times that EVs tin beryllium more resilient successful disasters. Gasoline organisation networks are analyzable and much taxable to disruption than energy – and state stations don’t tally erstwhile the powerfulness is out, anyway.

For a mates examples, successful Hurricane Sandy, state stations took longer to travel backmost online erstwhile the powerfulness came back, with immoderate owners utilizing their electrical cars to assistance neighbors get nutrient oregon get to doctors appointments portion state stations were inactive down. In Hurricane Harvey, agelong lines astatine state stations persisted for immoderate clip aft the powerfulness came back, which electrical cars could skip by charging astatine home.

So earthy disasters supply different illustration of the strengths of electrical vehicles, particularly erstwhile equipped with vehicle-to-load and vehicle-to-home systems similar Ford’s F-150 Lightning and different vehicles similar the Rivian and Ioniq 5.

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