Easiest way to recharge an electric bike battery from the sun? QuietKat solar power charger review

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If there’s 1 happening I emotion arsenic overmuch arsenic playing with batteries, it’s charging them up from the sun. And erstwhile it comes to my electrical bikes, which are benignant of outdoor toys by definition, being capable to complaint successful the tract is simply a beauteous darn neat instrumentality for extending scope erstwhile camping oregon conscionable spending each time successful the large outdoors. I precocious had the accidental to trial retired QuietKat’s all-in-one electrical motorcycle star charger for conscionable that purpose, and I tin archer you that this is simply a truly chill portion of cogwheel to bring connected your adjacent e-bike trip.

For starters, this is simply a folding star panel, meaning it is made up of aggregate units of smaller star cells each wired unneurotic truthful it tin fold backmost up into a tiny package.

It comes successful a convenient small transportation lawsuit that besides includes pockets to store the assorted cables that widen the inferior of the star charger.

Not lone bash you person some a DC tube connector and a three-pin connector, but you besides get alligator clips for much DIY-ish charging purposes and the tried-and-true MC4 connectors that you’ll find connected galore different star panels.

You tin spot each the contents from the kit successful the images below. There’s besides a emblematic 48V e-bike artillery determination for scale, though I tin archer you the container is astir 13x8x3.5 inches erstwhile packed down (33x20x9 cm).

It’s really a amazingly tiny and packable small kit erstwhile it’s each folded up. In fact, the archetypal clip I pulled the star sheet out, I couldn’t judge however large it was compared to however tiny the container was.

The sheet is rated for 150W, which is really much powerfulness than astir emblematic e-bike chargers that travel with a basal exemplary e-bike. For a 48V battery, you’ll usually get a 48V 2A charger from the manufacturer, which equates to astir 100W. So this charger volition really beryllium a flimsy boost successful charging show and velocity compared to your partition charger, unless your shaper was benignant capable to walk the other fewer bucks and springiness you a 3A oregon 4A charger with your e-bike (most aren’t).

This mentation of the charger is the 48V option, but they besides marque a 52V mentation arsenic well.

Technically this star charger is intended to beryllium utilized for QuietKat’s wide lineup of overlanding and each terrain e-bikes. But I’ll fto you successful connected a small secret: I don’t person a QuietKat e-bike, truthful I conscionable utilized it connected respective of my e-bikes from different brands. As agelong arsenic they usage either the incredibly communal DC tube connector oregon the little communal tiny three-pin connector (both of which travel successful the QuietKat star charger kit), it volition enactment for your e-bike artillery –assuming you chose the close 48V oregon 52V mentation to lucifer your e-bike battery.

And since I don’t person an awesomely rugged Jeep-branded QuietKat e-bike, I couldn’t instrumentality a chill photograph similar their selling images below, but you get the point. It’s a large panel. Also it tin basal up similar a subject just trifold board, which is beauteous cool, though mostly inefficient unless you’re charging astatine 8:00 oregon 18:00 erstwhile the prima is adjacent the horizon. For immoderate different time, you’ll privation the sheet either laying level (for midday sun) oregon propped up connected thing (like your e-bike) to space it toward the prima for champion results. But the sheet besides has 2 tie-down holes with grommets successful the apical corners, positive it includes 2 carabiners, truthful you tin besides bent it connected thing if you want.

The charger itself has 3 ports connected the backside, including 2 USB-A ports and a DC tube connector.

The USB-A ports volition beryllium utile for charging up your phone, tablet, GoPro oregon different enactment camera, walkie-talkie, flashlight, heated socks, Tamagotchi, oregon immoderate other you hap to bring into the field.

The DC tube connector is wherever each the heavier work charging things plug in, i.e., your e-bike battery.

Using the included connector cable, you simply popular that sucker successful the sheet connected 1 broadside and your e-bike artillery connected the other. For a emblematic 48V 10.4Ah e-bike battery, you’re looking astatine determination astir 4 hours oregon truthful for a afloat complaint successful bully sunlight. If you’re conscionable stopping for luncheon for an hour, adjacent getting 25-30% complaint backmost into your artillery is simply a definite possibility.

The full bundle is slickly designed and casual to use. You conscionable propulsion it out, unfold it, and plug in. That’s it. Easy peasy, citrus squeezy.

The lone hard happening is that it’s a spot unsmooth connected your wallet, to the tune of $769. In presumption of dollars per watt, that volition marque immoderate star enthusiasts privation to cry. But past again, the constituent isn’t to marque a inexpensive star panel, it’s to make an all-in-one e-bike charging solution.

It’s a immense convenience origin that you don’t request immoderate inverters and tin simply plug the sheet straight into your e-biker, not to notation the convenience of the tiny size of the packed panel.

I don’t cognize if you’ve seen different 150W star panels successful existent beingness before, but they’re usually astir the aboveground country of a surf board. The information that you tin get 150W of star powerfulness folded into thing the size of a container of tissues (again, Americans volition usage thing to debar the metric system) is simply a beauteous chill advancement successful star powered e-bike charging.

So portion this won’t beryllium a artifact for the cash-strapped, it is simply a truly chill mode to complaint your e-bike off-grid, and beauteous overmuch the lone 1 I cognize of that’s a implicit all-in-one solution.

And that’s beauteous chill successful my opinion.

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