Dutch YPR-765 infantry vehicles arrived in Ukraine

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Ukrainian Army has received its archetypal YPR-765 armoured infantry vehicles from Netherlands, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed connected Saturday.

According to a property merchandise from the Ukrainian military, Army precocious received the archetypal tranche of Western weapons, including Dutch YPR-765 vehicles.

About a period earlier, the Dutch Prime Minister announced via his Twitter account, that the Netherlands volition nonstop dense combat instrumentality to Ukraine including armored vehicles, aft a telephone telephone with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy.


The YPR was introduced to the Dutch service successful 1979 and the service is present making plans for the replacement of the vehicle.

Basically, the YPR-765 is an improved mentation of the American M113 APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier). Most of the Dutch YPRs are built by licence successful the Netherlands by the DAF Company, which is good known for their coagulated trucks.

The main mentation of the YPR is equipped with a 25 mm weapon and carries a conveyance commander, gunner, and operator positive an further 8 infantry troops. The bid mentation is either equipped with the 25mm weapon oregon with the .50 caliber. Other versions of the YPR see vehicles for reconnaissance, engineering tasks, ambulance, anti-tank (TOW), cargo, assemblage and riot power and mortar operation with retention abstraction for the 120mm rounds inside.

Image by General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine