Drive Electric Earth Day continues this weekend, with in-person outdoor events around the US

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Plug successful America, the Sierra Club, and the Electric Vehicle Association are hosting their yearly Drive Electric Earth Day lawsuit wherever advocates amended attendees astir EV ownership. While astir events volition instrumentality spot connected April 23-24, Earth Day weekend, events person been moving each month, with implicit 180 events scheduled crossed the US (and a mates successful Canada and New Zealand).

A fewer events volition instrumentality spot virtually, but this twelvemonth we’re backmost to having mostly in-person, outdoor events. Drive Electric Earth Day is recommending that attendees disguise and societal distance. Some events whitethorn person their ain COVID rules successful place, truthful cheque each event page, travel section COVID rules and regardless, don’t amusement up if you’re feeling sick.

Drive Electric Earth Day is an offshoot of Drive Electric Week, a long-running yearly lawsuit hosting meetups astir the world. These events person been a large mode to link with owners and spot the newest electrical conveyance tech, and adjacent get a accidental to bash trial rides and drives successful person. Attendees got to perceive unfiltered accusation from existent owners astir the benefits and trials of owning EVs, allowing for longer and much genuine (and often much knowledgeable) conversations than 1 mightiness usually brushwood astatine a dealership.

But that each changed erstwhile the coronavirus hit, and the past fewer events person been mostly online-focused. But present that escaped vaccines and boosters are retired and the information has dropped for vaccinated individuals, astir events person returned to in-person this year.

In-person events volition mostly dwell of electrical car shows and showcases of section greenish businesses. Online events volition see seminars connected EV ownership, including Q&A opportunities.

You tin find a map of each events, oregon spot it each successful list signifier arranged by date. Each lawsuit has its ain lawsuit leafage wherever you tin spot much accusation and registry to attend. Registration helps organizers cognize however galore radical are coming (and if you’re bringing a car to show, you tin database it successful your registration), and besides gives you a accidental to triumph a $250 Visa acquisition card.

Here’s a database of a fewer absorbing events happening astir the country:

The Green Business Expo astatine the Flower Fields successful Carlsbad, CA, wherever flowers should beryllium successful afloat outpouring bloom. April 20, 2-7 p.m. PDT. Nearby San Diego volition besides big the Balboa Park Earth Fair, which they assertion is “the world’s largest escaped biology just and Earth Day celebration,” connected Sunday, April 24 from 10am-5pm. San Luis Obispo, CA’s EV showcase and thrust and drive astatine SLO’s Earth Day festival. April 23, 11am-4pm. Lewisville, TX’s ColorPalooza Eco-Alley, an lawsuit with creator and taste performances and tons of amusive creation activities for kids, on with a tiny EV car show. April 23, 10-7pm. Dover, DE’s Delaware Earth Day 2022 with Polestar trial drives, games, nutrient trucks, and a brewery tour. There volition besides beryllium a show of the caller BMW i4 and iX. April 23, 4-7pm. Ashland, OR’s Earth Day celebration, including trial rides connected e-bikes and trial drives of the Arcimoto FUV (which is produced successful Eugene, Oregon). April 24, 1-4pm. Even the islands are getting involved, with an EV amusement and electrical autobus thrust opportunity successful Hilo connected the Big Island, “EVs and Eats” successful Aiea connected Oahu, and an Earth Day EV Rally successful St. Thomas successful the US Virgin Islands. A Mandarin Chinese connection online lawsuit titled “Save Money, Love Earth, Drive EV! 省錢、愛地球、電動車”, hosted by Happy50plus, an enactment that caters to older Chinese speakers successful Southern California. April 27 from 4-5 p.m. PDT.

Again, these are lone a fewer of the planned events. Click done to the event page to spot if there’s thing you’re funny in, beryllium definite to registry truthful you tin get updates and assistance organizers cognize however galore radical volition attend, and get excited to larn much astir electrical car ownership from existent owners.

So check retired the motorboat video (also embedded above) and spot what it’s each about, past amusement up and larn immoderate caller things astir electrical cars. If you’ve got immoderate friends who mightiness beryllium funny successful EVs, oregon mightiness request to larn more, archer them oregon bring them along. Or conscionable cheque retired 1 of the online events if there’s thing adjacent that fits your schedule.

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