Dozens feared dead after Russian bomb levels school in Ukraine

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Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine — Dozens of Ukrainians were feared dormant Sunday aft a Russian weaponry destroyed a schoolhouse sheltering astir 90 radical successful the basement arsenic Moscow's invading forces kept up their barrage of cities, towns and villages successful eastbound and confederate Ukraine.

The politician of Luhansk province, 1 of 2 areas that marque up the eastbound concern heartland known arsenic the Donbas, said the schoolhouse successful the colony of Bilohorivka caught occurrence aft Saturday's bombing. Emergency crews recovered 2 bodies and rescued 30 people, helium said.

"Most likely, each 60 radical who stay nether the rubble are present dead," Gov. Serhiy Haidai wrote connected the Telegram messaging app. Russian shelling besides killed 2 boys, ages 11 and 14, successful the adjacent municipality of Pryvillia, helium said.

Since failing to seizure Ukraine's capital, Russia has focused its violative successful the Donbas, wherever Moscow-backed separatists person been warring since 2014 and inhabit immoderate territory. The largest European struggle since World War II has developed into a punishing war of attrition owed to the Ukrainian military's unexpectedly effectual defense.

To show success, the Russian subject worked to implicit its conquest of the besieged larboard metropolis of Mariupol, which has been nether relentless battle since the commencement of the war, successful clip for Victory Day celebrations connected Monday. A sprawling seaside alloy mill is the lone portion of the metropolis not nether Russian control.

All the remaining women, children and older civilians who had been sheltering with Ukrainian fighters successful the Azovstal works were evacuated Saturday. The troops inactive wrong person refused to surrender; hundreds are believed to beryllium wounded.

Russia Ukraine War A household who fled from Myrne successful a towed car enactment connected repairing it upon their accomplishment to a reception halfway for displaced radical successful Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, connected Sunday, May 8, 2022. Francisco Seco / AP

After rescuers evacuated the past civilians Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said successful his nightly code that the absorption would crook to extracting the wounded and medics. Zelenskyy said successful his nightly code that enactment would besides proceed Sunday connected securing humanitarian corridors for residents of Mariupol and surrounding towns to leave.

The Ukrainian authorities has been reaching retired to planetary organizations to effort to unafraid harmless transition for the estimated 2,000 fighters remaining successful the plant's underground tunnels and bunkers. Zelenskyy acknowledged the difficulty, but said: "We are not losing hope, we are not stopping. Every time we are looking for immoderate diplomatic enactment that mightiness work."

The Ukrainian person was expected to clasp online talks Sunday with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President Biden and leaders from different Group of Seven countries. The gathering is partially meant to show unity among Western allies on Victory successful Europe Day, which marks Nazi Germany's 1945 surrender.

Elsewhere connected Ukraine's coast, explosions echoed again Sunday crossed the large Black Sea larboard of Odesa, which Russia struck with six cruise missiles connected Saturday. Authorities offered nary contiguous harm reports.

The Odesa metropolis assembly said 4 of the missiles launched Saturday deed a furnishings company, with the daze waves and debris severely damaging high-rise flat buildings. The different 2 deed the Odesa airport, wherever a erstwhile Russian onslaught destroyed the runway.

Ukrainian leaders warned that attacks would lone worsen successful the lead-up to Victory Day. Russian President Vladimir Putin is believed to privation to proclaim immoderate benignant of triumph successful Ukraine erstwhile helium addresses the troops connected Red Square connected Monday.

In neighboring Moldova, Russian and separatists troops were connected "full alert," the Ukrainian subject warned. The portion has progressively go a absorption of worries that the struggle could grow beyond Ukraine's borders.

Pro-Russian forces broke disconnected the Transnistria conception of Moldova successful 1992, and Russian troops person been stationed determination since, ostensibly arsenic peacekeepers. Those forces are connected "full combat readiness," Ukraine said, without giving details connected however it came to the assessment.

Moscow has sought to expanse crossed confederate Ukraine some to chopped disconnected the state from the Black Sea and to make a corridor to Transnistria. But it has struggled to execute those objectives.

In a motion of the dogged absorption that has sustained the warring into its 11th week, Ukraine's subject struck Russian positions connected a Black Sea land that was captured successful the war's archetypal days and has go a awesome of Ukrainian resistance.

Satellite photos analyzed by The Associated Press showed Ukraine targeting Russian-held Snake Island successful a bid to impede Russia's efforts to power the sea.

A outer representation taken Sunday greeting by Planet Labs PBC showed fume rising from 2 sites connected the island. On the island's confederate edge, a occurrence smoked adjacent to debris. That corresponded to a video released by the Ukrainian subject showing a onslaught connected a Russian chopper that had flown to the island.

A Planet Labs representation from Saturday showed astir of the island's buildings, arsenic good arsenic what appeared to beryllium a Serna-class landing craft, destroyed by Ukrainian drone attacks.

Russia Ukraine This outer representation taken by Planet Labs PBC shows fume rising aft Ukrainian strikes destroyed buildings lodging Russian positions and a chopper connected Snake Island successful the Black Sea connected Sunday, May 8, 2022. Planet Labs PBC via AP

The astir aggravated combat successful caller days has taken spot successful eastbound Ukraine. A Ukrainian counteroffensive adjacent Kharkiv, a metropolis successful the northeast that is the country's second-largest, "is making important advancement and volition apt beforehand to the Russian borderline successful the coming days oregon weeks," according to the Institute for the Study of War.

The Washington-based deliberation vessel added that "the Ukrainian counteroffensive demonstrates promising Ukrainian capabilities."

However, the Ukrainian service withdrew from Luhansk province's embattled metropolis of Popasna, Haidai, the determination governor, said Sunday.

In a video interrogation posted connected his Telegram channel, Haidai said that Kyiv's troops had "moved to stronger positions, which they had prepared up of time."

The Russia-backed rebels person established a breakaway portion successful Luhansk and neighboring Donetsk, which unneurotic marque up the Donbas. Russia has targeted areas inactive nether Ukrainian control.

"All escaped settlements successful the Luhansk portion are blistery spots," Haidai said. "Right now, determination are shooting battles successful (the villages) of Bilohorivka, Voivodivka and towards Popasna."