‘Doctor Strange’ Actress and Husband Accused of Sexually Abusing an Underage Teen

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An histrion who appeared successful Disney-Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” on with her hubby has been accused of “repeatedly having sex” with a 13-year-old miss according to a report.

Zara Phythian, a martial creator who played a sorcerer successful Doctor Strange 2016 movie, and her hubby Victor Marke are facing a full of 14 charges of intersexual enactment with a insignificant successful the U.K.

British Hollywood histrion #ZaraPhythian ‘and her hubby had enactment with 13-year-old miss and filmed astir of the maltreatment successful bid to recreate porn scenes’#Hollywood is loaded with pedophiles and intersexual predators. They are protected. https://t.co/9lSb9fFXu5

— judy morris (@judymorris3) April 27, 2022

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Page Six reported:

The girl, who is present an adult, claims Phythian, 36, and Marke, 59, plied her with intoxicant and had enactment with her betwixt 2005 and 2008. She besides said they filmed immoderate of the encounters.

“I knew it was incorrect but I conscionable didn’t cognize however to get retired of the concern oregon accidental anything,” she told cops, according to the outlet.

“I retrieve trying to transcript Zara’s absorption astatine the clip due to the fact that I looked up to her and tried to beryllium similar her successful each way.”

Both Phythian and Marke were martial arts instructors successful the UK erstwhile the teen reached retired to them.

The pistillate present claims that Phythian asked her to play a crippled of “dare” and springiness Marke oral sex.

Pythian and Marke some denied the allegations successful court.